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10 Unique & Adorable Matching Tattoos For Couples

Getting couple tattoos with your partner is a great way to symbolize your everlasting love for him. Nowadays, most couples get matching tattoos to portray their love for each other. A variety of couple tattoo designs are available, and each has its own meaning and significance.

Today, we will mention these matching unique tattoos for couples so that you and your partner can have the perfect artwork.


Couple Finger Tattoos


Finger tattoos are popular as couple tattoos. They have that quirkiness and creativity that is attractive and lovely. Though they are small, still they depict many deep thoughts. You can ink lines from a poem on your fingers. Finger tattoos are visible when you wave your hands in a certain position. It is simple yet gives exuberant vibes.

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Love Tattoos

As their name says, love tattoos are the epitome of love. It is for all those romantic couples who want to show that love is their priority. These tattoos are straightforward, representing tenderness and affection. If you and your partner are looking for a simple yet iconic inking, go for this love tattoo.

King and Queen Tattoos

Want to give some royal touch to your inking? Switch to a king and queen tattoo. This tattoo is one of the most beautiful and unique tattoos for couples because of its royalty essence. They are both masculine and feminine, symbolizing distinct roles for both partners. One amazing side of these tattoos is that it is a way to show that you and your partner are co-ruling each other’s life.

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Married Couple Tattoos

The exchange of wedding rings is a marriage tradition. Nowadays, having a married tattoo has also become a preference among married couples. You have to get them on your finger. These tattoos come in a lot of designs and are more permanent than jewelry. These tattoos are a great option if you don’t wear your wedding band at your workplace for safety concerns. They will keep reminding you that you have commitments to fulfill with your partner and if you break up, you can always visit the New York tattoo removal center.


Lock and Key


Lock and key tattoos have now become a trend among couples. You can show through them how much you love your better half, and only he or she has the key to your heart’s door. You can wear these tattoos on your inner forearm, ankles, and hands. You can choose to make it simple or ornate it with beautiful designs.

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Crown Tattoos for Couples

Similar to king and queen tattoos, crown tattoos reflect royalty. It is a way to honor your significant other and to tell them that they have a special place in your heart. Crown tattoos can also serve as the back tattoos for women. You can go for European-style crowns with eight golden arches that represent eternal life, thus symbolizing your everlasting relationship.


Infinity Tattoos for Couples

Infinity means lasting forever. So, infinity tattoos also work on the idea of eternal love. Couples these days prefer these tattoos to tell their partners that no matter what, their love will remain forever. This infinity tattoo is simple and suitable for both genders. It symbolizes a love that has no boundaries.

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Disney Couple Tattoos

Mickey Mouse has been our favorite cartoon character. For all those Mickey Mouse lovers out there, this tattoo will be great for you. Mickey and Minnie are adorable, and so are their couple tattoos. If you are together with your childhood sweetheart, consider getting a Disney couple tattoo. You can also wear this tattoo to remember the place where you tied the knot with your sweetheart.


Hugging Fingers Tattoo


This is one of the cutest hand tattoo designs for girls, or for BFFs/couples. You can wear it with your best friend with whom you have special memories. It has the essence of playfulness and love. This tattoo is an ideal way to show your best friend that you will always be on their side.

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We find some quotes special as they represent our feelings for the other person in the best possible way. If you like a quote, you can get it tattooed with your partner. You both can have the matching quotes, or you can go for half quotes on each of you. This tattoo idea is quite romantic because the quote will only be completed when you both are together.

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