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The Best Of Geek Bar Flavours & The Differences Between Mods and Pods

In this article, we will show you the main features of pods and vapes(mod), and also the main differences between the two, and how to pick the best out of 50 Geek Bar flavours.

Both are types of electronic cigarettes, and there is a wide variety of models for all tastes, therefore confuses beginners when it comes to choosing one of them, so read the whole text to understand which is the best for you!

Pods have a connection with electronic cigarettes because they are more practical devices that can be put in your pocket or purse and that were designed for the smoking public, becoming a cheaper and less harmful option compared to the traditional cigarette.

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In addition, pods tend to simulate the habit of smoking identically, bringing a sensation similar to that of a cigarette, because the pull is shorter and produces little vapor. But the main difference is in the liquid that is used inside the device or to use a term from the vaping world, the famous Nic Salt juice.

This juice contains a higher concentration of nicotine, which brings the best feeling to cigarette smokers.

It is this point that brings the greatest characteristic of pods, which are devices to be used with a higher content of nicotine and therefore help to improve the quality of life of smokers, either to replace or even to leave the habit of smoking regular cigarettes.

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The vapes, also called Mods, are devices designed to have greater power, perfect for those who enjoy a moment of leisure as with shisha.

They were created to give a healthier experience as a hobby to people who don’t smoke, but want to feel the flavor or just release a lot of vapor, something that is very typical of mods, with dense vapor and a lot of flavours, besides not leaving a strong and impregnated smell.

The vape industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and companies like Geek Bar are bringing a new concept to the devices, where they blend comfort, quality, and design surprisingly.

It is worth mentioning that the Mods, for having a larger body, usually have a panel for power regulation.

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What is the main distinction between these two, then?

The pods are more practical because the focus is on smokers who want something more versatile.

The Mod, on the other hand, is equipped with technology that allows power and temperature regulation, so that vapers can enjoy their session in a pleasurable way, so the biggest difference is the purpose and audience for which each type was designed.

In short, Mods are for more experienced users, because they can be fully configured to the user’s wishes and needs (with different Geek Bar flavours in the mix), where they can change the resistance, change the tank, and even change the body of the device itself.

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As such, mods are more powerful and complex than device pods.

Meanwhile, the Pods are more practical and easy to use, where using a replacement cartridge you can quickly replace your juice, unlike the Mod which needs more attention.

But in the end, both are worth it! Because they use technology and comfort to bring the best experience to the user, the only thing you have to pay attention to is what kind of public you are, if it’s the one who does it for leisure or the one who does it to reduce the damage that the traditional cigarette does to you.

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Tips for your first vape

Are you interested? Before entering the vape world, be aware of some special tips.

First, it is important to know how to use your Electronic Cigarette to buy. Each vape is a vape and has specific functionality and you need to know how to handle it so as not to damage it.

Else have or do not have an on-off button, Stay tuned: You need to keep the button pressed (those who have) as synchronized to do the act of vaping the same. When you press the on and off button the air does not pass through the heating element and it can burn prematurely.

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Before turning on your device is important to fill the tank or cartridge of your Electronic Cigarette and also drip 3 or 4 drops directly into the resistance/coil to prevent it from running dry and burning.

Some factors influence the durability of the heating element. Time of use, way of use, and unreliable liquids, among others, can compromise its useful life. Therefore, when you start to feel a burning taste, it is better to change the resistance.

Finally, remember that it is important to make sure that each part is connected correctly. If not, you may experience problems when charging the device. If you have assembled it correctly and are using a well-functioning USB cable, everything is supposed to be fine. And of course: when not in use, unplug your vape. Your battery will thank you.

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Is it safe?

One point to emphasize is safety. Not only for health, but vapes are also usually extremely safe electronic devices. In the rare cases where an accident occurs, these are caused by poorly made mods or those that fail to maintain them properly.

Overall, the chances of accidents are the same as with your cell phone. When used correctly, vaporizers do not cause any problems for the user. On the contrary: many people have found a way to cut down on conventional smoking, relieve stress, or simply pass the time in a pleasurable way.

But despite the name, today’s devices are increasingly distant from the “cigarette”, many of them not bearing even the remotest visual resemblance. Besides the cylindrical ones, some are shaped like boxes, and pipes, and are made of various types of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, and even marble.

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Many consumers have Geek Bar as their choice of disposable vapes, and with so many flavours it becomes hard to make a choice. But according to most people, the best geek bar flavour would be the watermelon ice!

There is a vaporizer for all tastes, and the technological advances are not even close to stopping. With the growth in the market, we will certainly have new options, better features, and even more advantages for the consumer in terms of safety and practicality.


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