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Does night vision work underwater?

Until recently, even advanced hunting enthusiasts did not even think about seeing anything clearly in pitch darkness. But now comes real progress in the form of night vision devices. This brought a significant growth and breakthrough in many areas of life. The expansion of optical instruments and night vision equipment made it possible not only to look into the hundred percent darkness on land, but also to see with the highest quality what is going on in the dark depths underwater.  And new, thermal imaging technology made it possible to plan and conduct military operations with high precision, to gain an advantage over the enemy, and of course, to please hunters. Although, let’s be honest with ourselves devices, which can enhance visibility in the dark, “draw” objects clear and with the possibility of covert surveillance of the object, were originally developed and used for defense and military purposes back in the times of the First World War of the last century.  After all, the ability to operate at night and see as in the daytime, gave an undeniable advantage over the enemy. Most armies of the world today are equipped with the best night vision devices.

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Does a night vision device work underwater?

Imagine dark, leaden purple waves where the depths of the sea promise nothing but danger. Imagine a stable orientation in the depths with zero visibility was a problem not so long ago. And so we came to the fact that the solution is a night vision device. One of the options – water night vision goggles. Goggles, in the functionality of which are laid out different functions for full work under water. Their capabilities are expanded to a real visibility under water with the highest quality in the real time. The dream of diving enthusiasts, underwater hunters and thrill-seekers has come true, who can now see in real volumes and full color the impending danger underwater. And it’s not just divers and hunters who have perked up. Military submariners, trained to conduct subversive and defensive operations at serious sea depths, “got” practically excellent vision, it became possible to expand the search tasks, both military and civilian purposes. And all this because night vision devices made it possible to make what was invisible visible.

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Technology in underwater night vision scopes

If we understand the principle of operation of the night vision device underwater, we understand that everything new is well forgotten old. It is clear, with changes, refinements, application of new technologies and best practices. Basically, we are considering two types of devices. The first one is based on an optical converter, and the second one is represented by thermal devices, called a thermal imager. The transducer “captures” the negligible light displayed by the object of observation and not visible to the eye, after amplification thousands of times to obtain from the invisible, visible image. Without going into complex technical characteristics, let’s summarize, the visibility of a poorly illuminated object is obtained by increasing the photons of light. The whole complex task is performed by photocathode plates placed in the device, where the same light from the image increases and the image is subsequently projected onto a screen. Here it is reproduced in quality, sotvetsvetstvuyu, a particular device. In addition, we should not forget that all night vision devices are to be classified according to their generation. The lower the scale of the generation, the limited its capabilities. Although you can find certain advantages. Say the devices of zero and first generation is already a history. At the same time for equipment at the same time the first generation equipment is in demand due to its affordable price. Night vision devices of the second generation have established themselves very well.

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Of the second generation. They are equipped with multiple systems of sensitivity amplification of “seen” image, processing and its transmission with high resolution to the screen. The third generation devices are equipped with some scientific innovations.

Mainly they are used by military special forces and rescue teams. This is due to the Sensitivity to frontal illumination.

Among the thermal imaging devices are models, working almost in complete darkness and reproduce the image due to the temperature modes coming from the desired target. The work is based on the use of heat sensors, creating an image of the object and analyzing its surroundings. A living human or animal body is, first and foremost.

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The heat emitted by that body and picked up by the device. In fact, a scanning device transmitting to the screen an image of the object being examined. In newer types, the image is digitally amplified, which allows you to see the image in high quality. The main problem with these devices is the price. The higher the quality, the more expensive the device. It’s clear that for the purpose of defense capability of western alliance countries the cost of expensive the cost of expensive equipment is compensated by the state budget, grant programs and some funds. Among the inexpensive ones, devices that meet the price-quality requirement are able to meet any demand. If you initially do not want to see a multiple identification picture, buy a “digital”, or system.

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This will allow you to navigate well in the dark for a reasonable price.


Waterproof Night Vision under Water

Today there is a lot of equipment adapted for use underwater.  In the depths of seas and oceans, lakes, rivers, artificial reservoirs. The purpose of multipurpose waterproof equipment is to clearly work when the combat mission of the army’s submarine units, or when carrying out rescue operations and underwater hunting. These devices are waterproof and weatherproof. Simply put, they can and should be used underwater without fear of damage.

In conclusion, a few tips. If you decide to buy an expensive device, be sure to make a few right steps. Before buying, carefully read the instruction manual for your night vision device.

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Take a training session with an expert on the proper use of the device, decide how to use the settings and evaluate the capabilities of your purchase. You don’t want to end up with the usual situation: A lot of money spent, a long-awaited gadget in your hands, and you still can’t see well in the dark. If there is no possibility to test the device with the help of a specialist, and you fully trust the seller, take the technical description with the rules of using the device and start a practical acquaintance with this gadget. When using the equipment, do not forget that The life of the transducer depends on the quality of the lens installed, and is limited to the appropriate model of device.

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In other words, the budget version will last no more than five thousand hours, and the expensive model – up to fifteen thousand. Nevertheless, it is possible to extend the life of these devices if you install quality glass filters and turn on the device only when it is used.

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