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20 Long distance relationships gifts to bring smile on their face

Maintaining relationships with your loved ones can be challenging, but maintaining long-distance relationships can feel just a little bit more challenging.

Despite living hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from each other, the internet gives us so many ways to stay connected with our partners— but why not turn to snail mail to send our partners a little but sweet surprise?

Yes, we know, love doesn’t cost a penny — but sometimes a personalized candle or a box of chocolates with a sentimental meaning can do the trick for the long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend whose love language is getting gifts (or, perhaps even any of the other ones, too).

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While it always helps to bring your companion something that you know they want (or will actually use) sometimes, you might feel short on ideas.

From sweet pastries or chocolates to virtual date nights, we rounded up a few long-distance relationship gift ideas that work for just about any affair — and are sure to brighten their day.

  1. Personalized Socks

Make your partner laugh by placing cute and funny pictures on these beautiful personalized socks for him! This way, they won’t be able to exit the house without thinking about you.

Today there are a variety of socks available in the market. You can choose socks according to your partner’s taste. If your partner is an animal lover then socks like personalized cat socks and custom dog socks will do the best work.

  1. A Customized Photo Calendar
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A customized photo calendar is indeed an effective way to review and adore the lovely moments spent with your darling.

You can include your photos of the memorable and special times spent together or just a few notes which could be exchanged amongst you (wink wink).

Your partner is surely going to hold a cheek-to-cheek smile and a blush indeed. You can customize your photo calendar completely as per your convenience and shower some love on your sweetheart.

  1. Photo Collage Mug

While being in a long-distance relationship, one thing you would surely miss the most is chatting over coffee or tea.

Gift your partner a custom enamel mug wherein your special moments are imprinted. Your partner will surely remember those beautiful moments spent together with you while sipping the coffee.

  1. Photo Puzzle
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A Personalized photo puzzle is the perfect gift option to make your sweetheart happy who is living miles apart from you.

You can create a romantic puzzle in the form of a photo puzzle 1000 pieces with a hidden message that gets revealed as your sweetheart puts the puzzle pieces together. Just imagine the big smile on your partner’s face.

  1. A Pretty Cushion

If you are experiencing a long-distance relationship, then you surely know and understand the pain of not being able to hug tightly to your partner.

Gift your loved one a soft cushion or pillow to hug till you meet them. Not only to your precious, but you can also gift this cushion to your friend who is staying away from you as a long-distance friendship gift.

  1. Love Notes
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What can be a better gift than exchanging some handwritten love notes. Let your darling understand how special they are to you, and love knows no limits and boundaries.

It doesn’t matter how far you are from each other; these adorable love letters would give you daily love doses.

You can add thirty-one love-coated messages every day. It is surely going to be a thoughtful gift for your partner.

  1. Photo Wall Clock

A clock in the house is a need of everyone. Gift your partner an elegant photo wall clock with a romantic picture of yours on it. This will remind your partner about you every second of the day. Another alternative that a loved one could always hold with themselves is a swiss-made watch, a great accessory to remind them of you.

  1. A Health and Fitness Tracker
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Just because you and your partner cannot visit the gym with each other when you are staying away from each other doesn’t mean you cannot compete in terms of gymming.

Gift your partner a health and fitness tracker. It will allow you to do something together. And will serve as a suitable gift for long-distance couples.

  1. Custom Boxers

Celebrating your anniversary and that too away from each other. Try to celebrate it in a naughty way. Gift your boyfriend a pair of custom boxers.

Your sweetheart will definitely be smitten with this kind of gift that features your names along with fun and flirty messages as he is surely not expecting something like this from you.

  1. Wireless Headphones
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If your boyfriend gets disturbed and annoyed by the loud music around him, then gift him the handy and convenient wireless headphones to ease him out a bit. He can also use them for his next zoom meeting or video conferencing and avoid any disturbances.

  1. Photo Mouse Pad

In terms of photo gifts, this photo mouse pad provens to be the best. Gift your partner a mouse pad with cute pictures on it and express your love. You can also add some love notes on it.

  1. Photo Tea Towel

A towel is the need of every person. And a useful gift is the best for every reason. Gift this personalized photo tea towel to your partner and make them feel how much you care about their needs.

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You can also add pictures on the towel and can customize it according to your requirement. And this surely would turn out to be the best gift for long-distance couples.

  1. Shopping Gift Card

Almost every girl is shopaholic. It is hard to find a girl who doesn’t love to do shopping. If your girl is also a shopaholic, then nothing can make her as happy and pleased as shopping does.

And surprising her with a shopping gift card will definitely make her the most satisfied. She will be able to shop for whatever she likes. That sounds like an amazing idea, right?

  1. Photo Frame
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Let them know how lucky you are to have your partner in your life by gifting them a simple but adorable photo frame which consists of your photo together. Your significant half would glance at it the moment they wake up, and surely it will be a pleasure for them.

  1. Personalized Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are in trend these days. Both boys and girls love to wear sweatshirts. And if it is personalized it adds more value to the sweatshirt. These days custom photo hoodies are a super trend.

Gift your partner a personalized sweatshirt by adding your favorite picture. He or she will definitely love it

  1. Custom Photo Water Bottle
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A water bottle is the best traveling partner for everyone. It is the most useful item which you can give as a gift to your partner.

Gift a custom insulated wine tumbler which can be used for multiple purposes to your boyfriend or girlfriend and make them realize how special they are to you.

  1. Personalized Wallet

Gift your man a personalized wallet card wherein a cute I love you message is imprinted on it. Let him have this token of love in his wallet and be reminded of the fact that you love your boyfriend to the moon and back.

  1. Personalized Shirts

What can be a better gift than a shirt for your boyfriend who is far away from you. Send your boyfriend personalized tie dye shirts with some memorable pictures or some kind of love messages on it. This will make him realize how much you miss him.

  1. A Travel Pillow
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If your boyfriend or girlfriend is someone who has to take ample trips, then this is the most convenient gift for them.

Get them a neck massaging travel pillow that will save them from a neck ache while they are traveling. It covers the neck and provides cushion support. Indeed, it will be the best long-distance gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. Photo Prints

In the current scenario, photo prints are trending as digital prints might get lost. In addition to this, printed photos help in relieving the memory you created together.

And surely your dearest will fall in love with this beautiful piece of art. Gift your partner a photo print wherein your memories with them are preserved.

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They come in various dimensions and sizes like 2.4 inches X 2.4 inches for tiny mementos, 6 inches X 8 inches, 6 inches X 6 inches, etc.

Also, they come in two different varieties, matte and glossy. And you can choose what suits you the best.

Wrapping Up!!!

You might be super excited to gift these beautiful presents to your significant other. Then, let’s not delay in sending them incredible surprises and making them happy. The clock is ticking- tik-tok.. tik-tok. .

And before meeting them this time, grab the moment and make them feel loved by sending a beautiful gift to their doorstep.

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