March 17


Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick: A Gadget For The Ladies Out There

The gadget market is still dominated by products with gender-neutral design that are suitable for both men and women. There aren’t a lot of gadgets designed exclusively for women. Huawei, on the other hand, decided to gratify the latter by releasing the new FreeBuds Lipstick TWS earphones.


The audio accessory has a striking new design that is reminiscent of lipstick. There are hundreds of lipstick hues available in cosmetic stores, but Huawei is only offering the headphones in one shade, which is halfway between Rojo and Cornell, a shade of red. Let’s explore what these stylish earbuds have to offer.



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The Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick comes in a really attractive box composed of black thick cardboard with metallic ornamental features and the name of the headphone model printed on it. Furthermore, the packaging is scented to highlight the device’s luxurious sense.



Of course, one of the key characteristics is the design. On the interior, the earphones are identical to the Freebuds 4 – open ear design, standard stem length, and even the battery size – 30 mAh in each bud, 410 mAh more in the case. The color and the distinctive case are what set this apart.


Huawei was clearly inspired by the red lipstick when designing the headgear. The case is divided into two sections: the bottom one houses the battery, one magnet, and the stem holes, while the top side is simply a passive cover with an extra magnet to maintain a tight seal.

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The case is 70.0 27.4 27.4 mm in length and weighs around 93 g with the earbuds inside. The device’s weight is mostly determined by the materials used in the case, which is made of metal. At the bottom are the charging connector (Type-C), the multipurpose button, and the charge indicator.



The FreeBuds Lipstick works in the same way as the FreeBuds 4. The FreeBuds Lipstick can be paired directly via Bluetooth or via the AI Life application. To play/pause or accept or stop a call, double tap. Position sensors have also been used in the FreeBuds Lipstick. As a result, when one of the headphones is removed, music is automatically interrupted and resumed when the headphone is replaced.

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A significant advantage is that the buds do not respond to a single press. As a result, you can quickly alter them without worry of accidentally triggering something. You may also adjust the actions for specific gestures in the AI Life app.



One charge of the buds provides about 4 hours of listening time without the use of ANC. The same scenario with ANC lasts only 2.5 hours, however the buds do not offer the finest noise cancellation.


The buds in the case fill up in around 30 minutes, but the case itself takes 60 minutes. It takes roughly 80-90 minutes if all of the power cells are depleted. Wireless charging is not supported by the Freebuds Lipstick.

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FreeBuds Lipstick provides a panoramic sound that is detailed, crisp, and complex. Noise cancellation is also better integrated in the FreeBuds Lipstick than in the FreeBuds 4 – ANC performance was less noticeable in the latter. The 14mm dynamic driver offers well-defined sound in all use situations without unnecessarily enhancing the bass, and a larger spectrum of low-frequency noise is levelled. They could be louder, but the overall balanced output will satisfy the majority of people.


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