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Tips for choosing hats by balancing the style and functionality according to the seasons

When you decide to wear a hat, you must be clear about why you want to wear it. Hats are must-haves if you’re fashionable because hats give completeness to the outfit and bring out the best in you. You can be confident in wearing women’s western hats only if you believe in your styling abilities and choose hats that perfectly complement the outfit. The hat and the outfit must create a harmony that enhances your personality and appeal, for which you must apply your mind to make the proper selections. However, if protection from the sun and rain is your goal for wearing hats, then you must choose only those styles of hats that ensure maximum protection. You cannot think of any hats other than the Panama hats and Floppies for spending time on the beach because Fedoras and Trilbys offer lesser protection.

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People love wearing hats, and besides fashion and style, the highly functional headgear can protect the head from the weather in all seasons. Unlike umbrellas mainly related to the rainy season, hats are for all seasons, although you cannot use the same hat throughout the year.  That seasons have a high impact on hat selection, evident from sun hats which are exclusive summer hats, although its use during seasonal transitions is acceptable to some extent. However, one thing is clear that you must change your hat style according to the season to get the most from the hat. Making a wrong choice might meet your fashion expectations but surely disappoint you from the functional aspect. You can well imagine how you would feel to wear a wool hat in summer or a straw hat in winter.

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Here are some hats that meet your seasonal needs perfectly.

Beanie – A Hat for the winter season

A winter hat must be highly stylish in its looks preferred by well-dressed men and women who want to portray their beautiful looks in the most attractive outfit. Beanies are the most common yet highly functional and stylish hats available in various designs and colors. The close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head might not be high on fashion, but the wearing style can make a lot of difference in the appeal. Since the cap sits tightly on the head and does not have a crown or brim, it matches well with all face shapes.

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Fitting the hat is also easy because of the stretchable material that allows even slightly smaller sizes to fit perfectly without any discomfort. Choose beanies made from merino wool or cashmere to feel the warmth and coziness to make the cold days more enjoyable. Complete your dressing with a sweater or cardigan or coat, scarf, and high boots.

Fedora – the hat for the springtime

A felt Fedora might not be ideal during the spring, but you can opt for a leather or straw fedora to create the classic looks. Straw is a lightweight and breathable material, and fedoras made with knitted straws or braids are excellent for the spring season when fun and laughter fill the air as nature shows its best side to fill the surroundings with flowers and dancing butterflies. Straw hats have a natural lighter shade, and their breathable quality allows quick adjustments with the fluctuations in temperature. You will feel cool and comfortable with the Fedora on your head even when the temperature starts rising.

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Pork-pie hat for summer

To dress up in bold, classic style in summer, you can reach out for the pork pie hat that has been a favorite of hat enthusiasts for many years. Also known as English Pastry hats suitable for men and women, Pork Pie hats have a telescopic circular crown duly pinched and creased.  The upper edges of the flexible crown often have the hint of a small lip.  The hat with its low crown and supple brims reminds us of the jazz era when the hats became incredibly popular. The hats are available in creative, fashionable styles made from various materials like linen, braided hemp, Toyo straw, paper braid, and even felt and wool. However, barring the last two materials, all other materials are suitable for summer as they can keep your head cool and make you feel comfortable.

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Floppy hats for the Fall

Any hat lover knows that the Fall is the best time of the year to wear hats. The season allows you to experiment with all types and styles of hats without concern about their functionality. You can explore different hat styles and stick to the extra-large Floppy hats that enhance your feminine charms many more times. You can create exquisite looks with Floppy hats as the wide brim curves tantalizingly and creates a beautiful veil that lends more prominence to your face.

Floppy hats are so versatile that they can easily replace the Panama hats when you go on a beach vacation

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