December 29


Elevations RTC Has Therapy Available During The Holidays

Children and teenagers learn how to communicate and comprehend their feelings as they grow. When these things are thoroughly taught, they usually have a beneficial influence on their lives. However, some emotions or activities can harm a child’s overall health. Finding the ideal fit for your child when selecting a treatment facility is an obstacle many family members confront.


So many centers appear to be ideal from the outside but don’t give comprehensive support for their struggling clients.  Elevations RTC, a residential treatment facility with a campus in the Salt Lake City region, has demonstrated in recent years how finding the right fit for struggling youngsters can be beneficial.

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Approximately one in five children has a mental health issue. Knowing how to assist your child if they have a mental health problem can help. If adolescents have difficulties that they can’t handle independently, they may require therapy. Sometimes, family therapy can also help.


A therapist or counselor might help your child feel safe discussing issues and feelings during therapy. These sessions can help them communicate and learn more about themselves. Residential treatment centers, such as Elevations RTC, can benefit teens in assisting them with social skills and helping them cope during hard times.


Elevations RTC is a secure location for youngsters needing additional attention and support with their mental and behavioral health. Many teenagers face various issues, and Elevations RTC offers therapeutic services and programs to assist them in overcoming these challenges.

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Since every adolescent is unique, Elevations RTC does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. They can provide positive affirmations and assistance to teenagers as they acquire these abilities. They assist in increasing self-esteem and identifying their talents. Attending here may help to establish good habits and thought processes.

Home Away From Home


Families’ primary concern with residential treatment centers is losing touch with their kids. Elevations RTC has a unique approach to alleviating this concern. By having a comprehensive holiday program complete with visitation and fun activities, parents of struggling teens can expect the highest standard of care and treatment.


During the Christmas Season, the center makes every effort to support students’ customs and spirituality in the best manner feasible. They do this by creating a welcoming atmosphere that removes the tension from the holidays for students. Elevations strive to make the holidays a pleasant and relaxing experience for young adults.

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Participating in holiday activities is also lined up for them. The campus’ unique events, such as decorating competitions, are linked with each holiday.


The staff helps decorate the dorms, organize gift-giving events, and screen holiday movies. Some even go on a field trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, where they view the city’s spectacular lights as well as the magnificent Hogle Zoo light show.


Planning fun activities with your children can show them that they may have fun as they once did, without needing drugs or other harmful coping mechanisms to deal with stress.


Although the school does not resume until January, students get a week off of school the week of Christmas. The winter holidays are a time for students to disconnect from school and classwork. Teachers recognize that our students are stressed before the holidays and limit school assignments during the vacation to give them time to reconnect with their families.

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On days without a class, instructors organize activities for students on campus, such as making friendship bracelets or other gifts and hosting spelling or geography bees. These activities help to keep teens on track during their vacation time.


Visitation is an integral part of any well-meaning residential treatment center. At Elevations, families are encouraged to stick to their holiday customs by providing a flexible visiting schedule during the winter holidays. Students in higher phases of the program may be permitted to visit home with the treatment team’s permission during the holidays.


Students who have parents visiting Utah in November or December are permitted to take a trip off-campus to spend quality time with one another and dine. The center provides meals for everyone on campus, including visiting parents or tutors.

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About Elevations RTC


As the leading provider of residential therapy, Elevations RTC provides comprehensive, therapy that takes an interdisciplinary approach. Our approach entails college-preparatory courses, therapeutic recreation activities, and individual, family, and group psychotherapy.


Elevations provide therapeutic recreation services to meet the needs of young people for physical, emotional, and mental outlets through planned physical fitness, outdoor education, experiential education, community service learning, and leisure education programs. All students may benefit from our programs. These initiatives are designed to assist with the treatment goals established by each participant’s treatment team.


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