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What Can Be Made With Yams?


The yams or sweet potato is a special delicacy that can be found in every supermarket. However, not everyone has tried to cook something with it.

Desserts, yams cakes are present in American cuisine. Сajun sweet potato tots are an exquisite dish that can be a great snack or dessert.

The yams can be prepared in a variety of ways. We will detail the most delicious and original ones below.

Candy Potato – a place where original, delicious and healthy dishes are collected. Detailed recipes allow everyone to create a real culinary masterpiece in their kitchen. Choose recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try new dishes and discover different cuisines of the world.

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What are the health benefits of yams?

Sweet potato is a low-calorie product and is suitable for those who lose weight and look after their health. The use of yams has a positive effect on the kidneys, liver, lowers cholesterol levels. The fruit contains vitamins A and B, which stabilize blood pressure and improve the condition of hair, nails and skin.

How are yams different from ordinary potatoes?

Despite some similarities, the two vegetables are still quite different from each other.

  • Appearance.     The ordinary potato has a brown skin, but the yam has an orange hue. The yam fruit is more elongated and looks more like a carrot.
  • Texture. Regular potatoes are more loose and crumbly. The flesh of the yam is     dense but soft.
  • Taste. The yams are sweet and can even be eaten raw. Regular potatoes are brackish and definitely not edible in raw form.
  • Useful Properties. Both fruits are useful in their own way, have a set of micro and macro elements. But the yam is still a more useful source of carbohydrates.
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Boiled yams

Let’s start with the simplest and most accessible option. The yams, like regular potatoes, can be boiled peeled or peeled. Sweet potatoes are boiled for about 30 minutes in salted water.

The purpose of boiling yams is to mashed potato them. Other boiled vegetables such as onions, carrots and cauliflower are often added to mashed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also boiled for soups.

Oven-baked yams


Sweet potatoes are excellent for baking in the oven in foil. Even a novice cook can cope with such a dish. Tubers of yams are cut in half, smeared with butter, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and provincial herbs.

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Bake sweet potatoes in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Baked yam halves can be stuffed afterwards. For example, rice with chickpeas, guacamole, roasted vegetables.

You can bake the whole yams by making small incisions in the tubers. You get a kind of accordion, which will look spectacular on the table.

Mashed yams

Why not make the familiar mashed potatoes from yams instead of the usual potatoes. Peeled yams are boiled until they are ready for about 25-30 minutes. After that it should be mashed to a homogeneous puree, add salt, pepper, butter and warm milk. The original taste and beautiful color of the dish will definitely surprise you.

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Roasted yams

Sweet potatoes roast even faster than regular potatoes – about 15 minutes. Fry peeled and sliced yams in olive oil. For an unforgettable smell and taste we suggest adding pepper and dried basil. Roasted yams can be served as a separate dish. Or as a side dish with meat or fish. You can also grill yams in 1-cm-thick slices.

You can also deep-fry yams. Add some ground smoked pesto for a gourmet flavor. Deep-fried yams will turn out almost like French fries. It should be served hot with a variety of sauces.

Sweet potato tartlets

A very original use of sweet potatoes. After all, it seems difficult to imagine that potatoes can be used in desserts.

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Mashed yams combined with cream and honey become a delicious filling for tartlets. You can add vanilla to this mixture for a sweet flavor.

Another great combination for dessert: sweet potatoes, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. You get a flavorful and tangy filling for tartlets.

Sweet potato tartlets have a rich flavor and a very delicate texture. If you do not know, it is impossible to guess that you are tasting a dessert with potatoes.


The yams are ready to surprise you with their versatility in the world of cooking. It is great for first courses, as a side dish and even as a dessert. At the same time, yams are very healthy. Its sweet taste, tender flesh, rich color have already conquered many cooks.

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