January 23


The Most Anomalous and Mysterious Places on the Planet

Our planet is big and very interesting. Due to globalization, many places have turned into concrete megacities, but our planet has not been fully studied. And there are still a lot of anomalous and insanely interesting places on it that are difficult to visit, but it is interesting to know about them.


Our list will include the most anomalous places in the world. Like Woo Casino with its abnormally large bonuses. Well, let’s get started!


Devil’s Teapot

This is one of the strangest places on the planet and it is located in Minnesota Park (USA). There is a waterfall on the Bruhl River, which is divided into two parts. If the main part of the water just flows down the slope, then the other part flows into a huge hole in the rock.

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It sounds very nice, but… the problem is that no one knows where all this water goes. At the same time, the change in the riverbed confirmed that the water in some unimaginable way returns to the Bruhl River. Where does it disappear and how does it get back? There are about 10 hypotheses, but none of them has ever been proven.


No wonder this place is called the Devil’s Cauldron or the Devil’s Kettle. Among the most plausible explanations, a version with a complex system of underground channels stands out, allowing water to return to the channel incomprehensibly.


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The Lights of Hessdalen

Hessadalen is a quiet village in Norway, where people live a calm and measured life. But the fact is that this place has one secret: almost every night lights appear in the sky over the vicinity of Hessdalen.


They flash with different colors and shapes, then move chaotically, then disappear again… These phenomena are so mysterious and unusual that they have become the subject of many different theories.


Curved forest in Poland

This “crooked forest”, planted in the 1930s, invariably arouses curiosity and bewilderment among everyone who happened to visit there: scientists, tourists, and, of course, residents. The vast majority of trees in this forest are subject to strange deformation, which in no way obeys the laws of botany.

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The forest has a relatively small area of 1.7 hectares and includes almost 400 approximately equally curved pines. Intriguing, isn’t it? Moreover, it has not yet been possible to explain this phenomenon.


The Hum of Taos

In the past, when faced with unusual natural phenomena, people attributed them to the anger or generosity of the gods. Nowadays, it is customary to explain everything by science, but in the case of an unexplained sound anomaly called the “Taos hum”, it seems that people again need to resort to myths and legends.


Moreover, not everyone hears this unbearable and maddening noise: almost all residents and about one in ten visitors. For the first time, this phenomenon began to be encountered in the 90s, when suddenly in Taos (New Mexico), several people began to complain about the constant “buzzing”, comparable to the movement of a continuous stream of cars on the highway, while there are no major roads nearby.

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