January 17


Tutanota is the Name of Safety and Security



Tutanota is the name of the safety and security of emails that are end-to-end encrypted. We live in an age of science and technology and everything depends on internet sources hence the risk factor of hacking and security issues are common that need a strong system to secure the privacy and data of users. It is not difficult to check the measurements for the preservation of emails and related data of the users. Tutanota is the name of reliability and trust as the Tutanota emails are secure and encrypted easily. The email clients are open source and it is free to exchange collaboration and ideas in the community. Tutanota excels in its security measures.



Salient Characteristics:


The reset feature of other emails is an identity threat because the malicious hackers acquire access to email login by requesting to reset the password and get control. Over the accounts of PayPal, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook to detect the information and the data of the users. So instead of offering a password reset via email, Tutanota guides the user to protect their accounts and only allows a password reset with a recovery code. Thus, Tutanota effectively protects users from wicked attackers and saves their precious important data. Hence the security measure is stronger as compared to other email platforms. It informs the users to select a strong password and employs two factor authentication to avoid the attacks of hackers. Tutanota is one of the few services that recheck the password and in case of a weak password, it recommends the user choose a lengthier and stronger password to secure the data. Hence it is impossible to break the password by force. The real factor that makes it different from general emails is its proficiency which is free from identity threats.

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Feasibility and Viability:


Feasibility and Viability is the remarkable feature of Tutanota because the data of the user is secured in their servers in the data centres that use 100% renewable energy. Its offices are powered by renewable energy suppliers which invest in the construction of new facilities for the users which is a rare fact and not found on any other platform. Hence it is a unique name for the preservation of data and security. It secures the services for a long time of utilisation and builds the trust of the users. It makes communication possible in professional use. It also aims to protect the environment and the green switch provides feasibility to be an active member and environmental preserver.

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Tutanota Apps:


Tutanota apps for desktops, android, and iOS are set to provide safe and secure emails anywhere to the users. The innovative and active mobile apps and web client confirms the encryption of emails according to the workflow of the users as a default. Session handling and second factor authentication are included in the accounts for the access of the user. Its app is easy to use.


Wide Storage and Custom Domains:


The primary mission of Tutanota is to provide a secure alternative for email users to keep them away from the tension of mismanagements . Hence Tutanota is offering free accounts that are free forever and all data is secured in them. The other remarkable feature is the large range of data storage that is provided by Tutanota. It is providing 1 GB of email storage for messages in getting a free account. The free account can be upgraded for just one dollar for a month, then the mailbox can be connected with a custom domain that is easy to manage and use.

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Tight Security Encryption:


Tutanota is a label of security and encryption as it not only stores data end-to-end encrypted but also offers a versatile option of end-to-end encrypted emails to any email address. It is a precious feature of Tutanota because normally, emails are interpreted and read by third parties easily and email that has sensitive data becomes the cause of loss and harm to others. Hence Tutanota recommends tight security encryption.


Final Words:


To sum up the whole discussion, it can be concluded that Tutanota is the name of the safety and security of emails as compared to the other emails that are intercepted and broken down by attackers easily. The stealing of data and other precious information can come to cause many social evils in society. Tutanota is the fine solution to protect from attacks and the loss of data. It is worthwhile and trustworthy as all data is end-to-end encrypted. The use of strong passwords and their feasibility are convenient to use and makes convenient for communication.

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