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CS GO skins for actions: how and where?

Items in Counter Strike Global Offensive are the most desirable that users have. They constantly want to buy some CSGO skins in order to enhance the emotions of each match. However, not all players are willing to spend their money on their purchase and that is why they are trying to find a way to get them for free. In fact, there are a huge number of such ways.

Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have become so popular that some players can no longer imagine gameplay without their favorite backpacks. But not every user is ready to spend real money on CS GO skins in the game. And therefore, many ways were invented to get the desired skins, which are used by thousands of players every day. One of these ways is to complete tasks.

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How to get skins in CS GO for completing tasks?

Getting coins for completing any task is simple work. Even a child can handle it. In order to explain how this works, you can consider the scheme of work on the example of the Skinsilo website.

  • The user must register on the SkinSilo website, where the tasks are posted.

  • You need to select a specific task and start its execution.

  • After the task is completed, the user will receive coins on his account. You can buy skins on them.

It would seem that everything is simple, but there are a variety of nuances that need to be sorted out. Immediately it is worth considering that the tasks that need to be performed, basically, do not require special knowledge. As a rule, it is to watch ads on a particular site. Sometimes you will need to subscribe to someone on social networks or download an application to a computer or smartphone.

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For the most part, it is difficult to earn more than $20-40 per month on such sites. This money is enough to buy the cheapest knife in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Of course, this is only relevant when buying a knife using third-party sites. You can start earning with the help of tasks if you turn to the following projects:

  • EarnCoins;

  • Eloot;

  • Click Loot;

  • Idle-Empire;

  • Gainkit;

  • Skin Bay;

  • CS:GO Rewards;

  • Esports Points;


  • Earn Sanity;

  • Key Joker.

All these projects can be found on the Internet and try to earn money there. Before registering, you should look at at least a few portals and choose the right one for yourself.

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It is enough to choose one of the projects and go there to register. The user will need to understand the interface of the program and start performing tasks that do not require special knowledge. After the employer checks the work on the site, the user will receive coins. With them, again, you need to select a section of the store and buy there any item from Counter Strike Global Offensive that the user wants.

What skins can be obtained by completing the tasks of the Packet Net operation?

Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be obtained for completing mission tasks. The last operation in the game was the Packet Network, by completing the various missions of this operation, the user could earn skins. In total, 3 collections of weapons were added:

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Collection North

  • Awp Gungnir;

  • Negev Mjolnir;

  • P20 Astral Jormungandr;

  • Desert Eagle Emerald Jormungandr;

  • AUG flame Jormungandr.

Collection St. Mark

  • AK-47 Wild Lotus;

  • MP9 Wild Lily;

  • Aug Midnight Lily;

  • Glock-18 Synth Leaf;

  • SSG 08 Sea Calico.

Collection Canals

  • Awp The Prince;

  • Mag-7 Cinquedea;

  • Nova Baroque Orange;

  • Mac-10 Red Filigree;

  • MP9 stained glass.

These are just some of the skins from each collection that can be obtained for completing the tasks of the Packet Network operation.

Earning skins with the help of tasks is one of the easiest ways today. It does not require any investments and special skills in the game. All that is required from the user is the availability of free time.

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