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Understanding Condensation On Burlington Windows And Doors

Often homeowners wonder what causes condensation on their windows and doors and how to stop it.  Condensation on the inside of your windows is a normal process, especially during the winter. The reason why condensation takes place on Burlington windows and doors is that the glass panes are usually the coldest part of the inside of your home.

In some cases, the moisture from condensation can be found on the frames and the Burlington windows and doors fixtures. Condensation can be both good and bad. It indicates that your windows and doors are properly insulated. You can click this link to read more about Burlington windows and doors condensation.

  1. Why Condensation Takes Place On The Windows And Doors During Winter
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Burlington windows and doors sweat from the inside during the winter. Condensation takes place during the winter because there is usually a big temperature difference between the inside and the outside.

The inside is usually warm from temperature regulation through the HVAC system, while the outside temperatures are very cold due to winter conditions. Condensation must occur during the winter, regardless of your window or door’s material.

The process happens when the cold air can longer manage to hold too much moisture.  The condensation is caused by too much cold air colliding with warm air on the windows and doors surfaces.

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If the condensation is interior, it might only be caused by factors other than high humidity. Drafts may cause it; this is especially true if you realize that condensation is only taking place on some of the windows and not all.

Once you notice condensation, you should inspect it to determine whether it is just normal condensation or a result of drafts and air leakages. If you find out it is the latter, you should consider Burlington windows replacement as a permanent solution.

1. Is Condensation A Bad Thing?

Condensation involves the formation of water droplets on the surfaces of your Burlington windows and doors, so it is annoying.

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When the windows are covered in moisture, it is hard to see the outside clearly, making your curtains damp. The bottoms of the windows might also be wet, forcing you to clean even if you didn’t have a plan.


2. Effects Of Condensation

The worst impact of condensation is that it may result in the formation of mildew and molds on the drywall and on the furniture. In other words, any moisture inside your home is nothing but bad news.

Condensation results in an increase in humidity levels of your home, which makes your inside dump. A dump home has an irritating smell and is even uncomfortable to stay in. this is not supposed to be the case because your home is where you spend most of your time and should be your safe place.

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On the other hand, mold, and mildew cause health problems such as respiratory issues, which could result in spending too much on hospital bills or even losing a loved one in the worst cases.

Signs of health issues from mold growth include coughing, eye discomfort, skin irritation, and skin irritation. If the signs become so severe, you should consider seeking medical advice.

3. Prevention Of Condensation

Most people wonder if there is a way to prevent condensation on their Burlington windows and doors during the winter. The answer is yes, and condensation can be minimized or prevented.

You can turn the humidifier off during cold days to prevent your windows from fogging. You can also purchase a dehumidifier that helps eliminate the excess moisture inside.

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The dehumidifier is the best solution if the home is subject to very thick and prevalent in your home. Another solution to getting rid of excess moisture is using moisture-eliminating bags. They are mostly available in stores from locations that experience winter.

You should relocate any plants inside the house because they lose water vapor that could fog up your doors and windows.

If you try all these ways and none works, you may need to consider Burlington windows replacement as a long-term solution.

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