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Profitable business ideas in the primary sector

Primary sector businesses are business ideas that are based on the production of goods and services from primary agricultural products. These businesses can be run from home and can include everything from a small fruit juice processing business to big textile business.


The best way to understand what makes a primary sector business idea profitable is to look at some examples. Below are some examples of profitable primary sector business ideas:


  1. 1. Broom production


Broom is a very useful product in the primary sector because it can be used for cleaning, sweeping and dusting. The main problem faced by people who produce brooms is that they cannot make enough of these products to meet the demand of people all over the world. This is because they are not able to produce them at a cost-effective rate. The best way to solve this problem would be to start producing them on a large scale. There are many companies that have started doing this and have managed to increase their market share significantly.

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  1. 2. Botanical pesticide production


Botanical pesticides are used by farmers to control pests on their crops and trees. If you have some knowledge about botany and biology, this is another good business idea for the primary sector. You can start by growing the plants that are needed to manufacture pesticides or you can buy them from other companies. There are many types of plants that can be used as pesticides, they include: Rosemary,Thyme, Eucalyptus trees, Citronella grasses, Chamomile flowers


  1. 3. Cashew nut processing


This is a low-cost business that can be started with just a small amount of capital. The processing of cashew nuts is done in the form of roasting, shelling and drying. It involves simple operations like crushing, roasting and drying. The resulting product is a high-protein snack that has many health benefits. The cost of manufacturing this product is minimal and therefore it can be sold at very low prices as compared to other products made from similar raw materials.

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  1. 4. Strawberry farming


Strawberry farming is a profitable business idea that can be started by anyone with a small plot of land and some spare time. The strawberries are grown in raised beds, which are easier to maintain than traditional soil-based gardens. Strawberries can be sold directly to consumers or farmers’ markets, or they can be processed into jam, jelly, ice cream, syrup and other products.


  1. 5. Spice processing


Spice processing is another lucrative business for those looking for a simple start-up idea. The main ingredient in many spices is the seed of the plant from which they were derived; therefore, spice processing involves extracting the seed from each individual spice crop and drying it out until it becomes powdery. Once dried out, these powders are then ground into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle or blender (depending on their size). This process enables you to make different types of sauces and condiments from your spices when you need them for cooking purposes.

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  1. Start a tree farm


If you want to start a business in the primary sector examples of the ideal and most profitable businesses cannot be complete without mentioning the idea of starting a tree farm. A tree farm is a good business idea for those looking to make money in the primary sector. It is a simple business with just a few steps and requires little investment. The first step is to find out what type of trees you can grow, then look for suitable land on which they can be planted and maintained. Once the land has been found, you can start planting your trees and selling them off when they are ready. You may also want to add on an orchard where you grow fruit and vegetables as part of the same operation.

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