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MOBA Games: A Complete 2022 Guide

If you are into gaming, you’ve probably seen that MOBA games are becoming a huge trend in the industry, even though the concept is not as new as it seems. We can even trace down the basics in the RTS (real-time strategy) games. A tiny fraction took a different path, creating the well-known multiplayer online battle arena idea. RTS is mostly focused on one player, but the developers realized that the online battles could be great for multiple players for sure.

MOBA was finally established as a genre during the 2000s, and Aeon of Strife can be considered the first one of this type. Today it’s one of the genres that holds great potential for further development and technology integration. Furthermore, MOBA creators are embracing blockchain and cryptocurrencies as an integral part of gaming, so they can provide play and earn services to the gamers.

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What Does MOBA Mean and What’s in the Game?

You probably know this, but moba stands for the multiplayer online battle arena, which describes a whole genre of games with specific features, elements, and strategies. The goal is to defeat the opponents’ teams to win the battle.

Before you play a MOBA game, you need to understand what does moba mean when it comes to different and unique features. Also, you can check on the different games incorporating valuable technologies, such as Battle for Giostone. Getting familiar with the concept of MOBA will help you get used to the features and rules.

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The core values for MOBA games are teamwork and helping each other while trying to win the battle. Different characters have specific roles. It all seems pretty simple because every category of characters comes with skills and abilities, but things can get pretty hot when faced with another team.

The characters in MOBA are also known as heroes, such as Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Healer, etc. The team should explore the map and see what they can do to defeat the opponents, i.e., to destroy their base. You can use all the skills and weapons you find appropriate for the battle.

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When you have a team, you assign roles and create a strategy. Because of that, MOBA will remind you of MMORPG and RTS genres.

MOBA Doesn’t Come With Rules

The main difference between this and other popular genres is the absence of rules. The whole concept is built over the idea of guidelines. Every game has different guidelines that work perfectly for the story and characters.

So, the creators gave the players an option to flexibly create their team and take advantage of their weaknesses. We can even say that every MOBA game is a challenge and lesson at the same time. It teaches you how to be collaborative and support each other. That way, you don’t lose, but you work on improving your skills and grab the opportunities.

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Are MOBA Games Available for Mobile?

Usually, MOBA games are available on PC. But we are happy to see many creators trying to incorporate mobile-friendliness or at least an app that can be synced with the PC progress.

When a game is available for mobile, many people are getting more comfortable at least downloading it and playing a few quests until they decide to move to the full PC version. Still, MOBA games come with complex controls and features, making mobile availability a true challenge for the developers.

We suggest using your PC or laptop to explore the details and complexity layers for a maximum user experience.

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What can we Expect for the Future of MOBA?

MOBA games are usually associated with the popular ‘play and earn’ and ‘play to earn’ concepts. P2E (play to earn) is when the player is rewarded with money or goods depending on their progress. The other one, ‘play and earn,’ is when the players earn money as they play. Lately, the creators have implemented blockchain-like solutions, so the players can earn cryptocurrencies or trade NFTs.

Things may go even further, so we expect VR experience to be available soon. That means the players can virtually get inside the game, participate in the battle, and claim different rewards.

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MOBA is also an essential part of the eSports scene. Many talented gamers play MOBA games as it’s their job, taking part in professional gaming competitions.

Final Words

MOBA crypto ‘play and earn’ gaming is a revolutionary concept of having fun and entertaining yourself at the same time. The added benefit is the option to earn money.

The gaming industry grows every day, adding new and exciting content, creating subgenres, and ensuring there is always some benefit to playing.

For the players, it’s so easy to understand the guidelines and stay respectful of them. Game quests can get exciting, but sometimes your team will lose. You shouldn’t blame anyone for that because MOBA is giving you a chance to recover and bring back the earnings you might have lost previously.

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