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What to Do if you’re Bored at Home: 5 Ideas for Using Boredom for Growth and Self-development

Domestic boredom as a large-scale phenomenon has fully manifested itself in the days of covid quarantines. At certain times in life, it can be relevant to everyone. Here are some non-trivial tips on how to deal with this problem.

Boredom vs. Apathy: The Main Thing Is Not to Mix It up

From the psychological point of view, boredom is a state when the world around you isn’t interesting. Sometimes it’s accompanied by irritability, and sometimes, on the contrary, by complete apathy. To understand how to cope with boredom, you must first deal with its causes. Usually there aren’t too many of them.

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Bored Predictability and Depressing Ease of Things

Most often the cause of boredom is a lack of new interesting events in life: you realize that you badly need something bright, meaningful, emotional. Routine things seem unbearably boring, and there is no incentive to take them. The lack of physical activity affects you in a similar way, when the body is exhausted from the lack of movement and doesn’t allow the mind to focus on anything.


This pure boredom is usually manifested by having to deal with a boring household, doing uninteresting homework, or doing primitive work that offers no opportunities for growth.

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Too Much Going on and an Increased Workload

The opposite cause is too much physical, emotional, or mental stress. In such a situation, the body and mind are so exhausted that they are no longer capable of being your tools for interacting with the outside world. A prime example isn’t wanting to do anything at home after work or school. This is what is known as dullness, when all you have energy for is meaningless sitting on social networks or watching a soap opera. In this case, a person usually persuades himself to do something, but still does nothing because he does not have the resources to do anything.

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In fact, it’s not boredom, but fatigue. Test yourself by answering the question, whether you now want to go on a holiday or get a brightly colored creative kit as a gift. If not, then the best solution is to get behind yourself and rest. Even if it’s with games at the Hellspin Casino or your favorite TV show.


There is nothing to be done about “dullness” from fatigue. However, if this condition lasts for weeks, it may be a sign of depression or health problems (exacerbation of a chronic disease, lack of vitamins and minerals, hypodynamia or lack of oxygen). In this case, see a doctor.

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In other words, true boredom isn’t apathy, and that wonderful state, when you want to do something, but it’s completely unclear what exactly, because all the usual activities have long been bored. Are you bored? That’s great! It means you have enough energy for new achievements.

What to Do if You Get Bored

Write “Morning Pages”

This way of communicating with your subconscious mind was invented by writer Julia Cameron. Ideally, “morning pages” should be written just in the morning, when the mind is still clear and not filled with thoughts. But in fact, this ritual is useful at any time. It allows you to reveal your true desires, anxieties, and doubts, and, most pleasantly, to find new fresh ideas for any area of life.

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The technique is simple, requiring only a notebook and pen. Let your thoughts go free and, without hesitation, write down everything that comes into your head until you have filled exactly three pages.

Remind About Yourself

A boring day will instantly fill with meaning once you think of those you care about. It’s great to go through the list of names in your messenger and write to everyone with whom you haven’t had a conversation in a while. It’s best not to talk about yourself right away, but to genuinely ask how your conversation partner is doing. When you begin to answer several people at the same time, boredom can be forgotten.

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Get Rid of Junk

Nothing is as captivating as diving into the bowels of closets. But this time, the point is not to clean up – just get rid of everything unnecessary. Divide things that have become useless, into three stacks: throw away, give away, sell. Ruthlessly send the first one to the trash, take the second one to a charity or friends, and the third one on Ebay. The last option will occupy you for some time because you have to first take a picture of things, then make the ads, and then finally give the purchase to new owners.

Have a Painting Marathon

It’s perfect when it’s a sustained experience rather than a one-time approach. Set yourself the goal of doing a sketch every day. And watch your mind learn to see the beautiful and interesting in the mundane: a crumpled wrapping paper, a flower on a windowsill, evening shadows, or carelessly thrown shoes. There is no need to strive for perfection, just enjoy using different techniques and approaches. Start with 15-20 minutes a day, and after a month, you will see pleasant progress, and the time spent at home will cease to be boring.

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Start Crocheting a Rug

This process is so simple that it takes you so little time to learn it, but then you can spend many boring hours creating your masterpiece. Knit a round rug for the floor out of old t-shirts cut into ribbons. Then swing for a slightly more elaborate makeup vase made of rough twine. And if you speed it up properly, you can create an entire plaid out of multicolored squares. You don’t need complex skills for this – just the ability to cast on ordinary loops will suffice.

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