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0 comments Appears on the FORTUNE China ESG Impact List for the Second Year Running (Jingdong in Europe) is proud to have appeared on the 2023 FORTUNE China ESG Impact List for the second year.  Announced on May 5, the list recognises 40 companies that have made impressive efforts to support the environment, their employees, communities, and sustainable growth.’s inclusion in the list acknowledges the company’s progress in promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

As a supply chain-based technology and service provider, is committed to initiatives that create sustainable and inclusive growth.  Initiatives include:

  1. Building environmentally friendly supply chains.
  2. Creating programmes that support the well-being of the Group’s employees.
  3. Providing support during Covid-19.
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1. Building Environmentally Conscious Supply Chains was founded by Richard Liu in 2004 and recognises the importance to improve the environmental efficiency of its supply chain infrastructure. Today the company has a strategy to reduce carbon emissions throughout the industry chain, from warehousing and transportation to cloud computing and workplace operations.

Efforts made to reduce carbon emissions include the following:

  • JD Retail runs a cross-category trade-in service for old items. This service has seen a 430% year-on-year increase in activity, which has saved over 150,000 tons of carbon emissions between 2021 and 2022.
  • JD Cloud has cut carbon emissions by more than 6,000 tons through its use of clean energy. JD Cloud uses this clean energy for over 35% of its data center operations.
  • JD Logistics has created the DWOP (Delivered With Original Package) certification — the industry’s first original packaging certification standard. JD Logistics aims to apply this certification standard to more than 80% of e-commerce product packages by 2030. This certification is the first of its kind in the Chinese e-commerce logistics industry.
  • JD Property has integrated photovoltaic power generation systems in 23 intelligent logistics parks. JD Property aims to provide green energy for 85% of itsindustrial parks.
  • JD Industrials has launched the “Carbon Energy Cloud” solution. This environmentally friendly solution has helped enterprises reduce 11,800 tons of carbon emissions.
  • JD has refurbished its offices with energy-saving lighting systems and air conditioning units. At’s Headquarters, these upgrades led to reductions in electricity and water usage. In 2022, JD reduced water consumption by 70,000 tons and electricity consumption by more than 10 million KWH of electricity.
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Supporting Employee Well-Being

Employee well being has been important to Richard Liu since he founded  He has always been focussed on offering his employees the best  employment opportunities and support. Between Spring 2021 and Spring 2023, the company has created 290,000 jobs and grown its workforce to over 550,000 people.

Examples of employee support include:

  • Social insurance.
  • Fund contributions.
  • Several perks and subsidies.
  • Opportunities to attend training courses.
  • Funds for accommodation or children’s education. has announced that it will offer employees access to around 4,000 apartments near its Beijing headquarters.  This accommodation will reduce the cost of housing for employees.

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Contributing To the Covid-19 Response

At the start of the Pandemic, supported heavily impacted cities including Shanghai, Chongqing, and Beijing with essential items including rice, flour, cooking oil, baby/maternal products and medicine.

In the period from January to June 2022,, invested RMB 2 billion into tackling the pandemic.  The company also waived fees for certain merchants on its platform.

JD Health’s telemedicine resources helped connect patients to doctors. The doctors provided 24/7 online consultation services for patients alleviating the pressure on in-person hospitals.

By way of example, in April 2022,  JD Health helped 7,000 patients in Shanghai every day.

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Read’s latest environmental, social, and governance news.

About (a.k.a. Jingdong), also known as Jingdong, is technology and service enterprise with supply chain at its core. Founded by Richard Qiangdong Liu, is a renowned leader in China’s e-commerce industry and the company has expanded across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, insurance, property development, industrials, private label, and international business. Ranking 46 on the Fortune Global 500, is China’s largest retailer by revenue. serves nearly 600 million customers and has set the standard for e-commerce through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing. The company operates the largest logistics infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China, pioneering a standard experience of same- and next-day delivery. also promotes productivity and innovation across a range of industries by offering its cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to partners, brands, and diverse sectors.

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