May 30


Improving Quality of Remote Team Meetings, Dos and Don’ts

Do your remote team meetings seem to be less engaging and productive than your in-person meetings? It’s natural for some meeting attendees to feel like they don’t need to pay as much attention or provide as much input during virtual meetings, but they need to know that their attention and participation are very valuable. From installing a virtual background for Google Meet to addressing people by name, here are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your remote team meetings (as well as a few things to avoid).

Things You Should Do

It’s possible to have a fully engaged team show up to each of your remote meetings, even if you’ve experienced the exact opposite before. Here are some “Dos” to try for your upcoming meetings.

  • DO install a custom Google Meet background. This may not seem like a big deal, but it will help your team feel like you’re all in the same place during your meetings. When everyone has different backgrounds and it’s clear you’re in different places, it can make people feel more distant and detached from each other. On the other hand, if you have a background installed that makes it look like you’re all meeting in the same location, it can bring everyone together and enhance the feeling of cooperation.
  • Don’t forget to remind team members to make sure their computers or other electronic devices meet Zoom virtual background requirements. This should be done hours or even days before the meeting officially starts so team members aren’t scrambling at the last minute to make sure they are capable of displaying the correct meeting background.
  • Speak to team members by name. Don’t just speak to the entire team as a whole throughout the meeting. Make sure individual team members know you see them and value their individual contributions to the meeting.
  • Plan the agenda and share it before the meeting starts. When individual team members know what is going to be discussed, they can prepare what they want to say. Suddenly, you’ll notice meeting participation go way up. Preparation can go a long way toward stimulating conversation.
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Things to Avoid

In addition to doing certain things to help team members feel more welcome and engaged during virtual meetings, there are a few things you should avoid as well.

  • DON’T allow people to talk over one another during meetings. Try to keep things professional and set up rules for all participants so that meetings can be more productive.
  • DON’T become the sole speaker throughout the entire meeting. Even if you have organized the meeting and are considered the “leader,” you need to let others speak. Otherwise, people will start to tune out pretty quickly.
  • DON’T call anyone out for not paying attention. That’s embarrassing and will make people afraid to attend your meetings. If someone isn’t paying attention, simply mention the person’s name in a positive way by saying something like, “James, I value your input on this topic. What do you think about _____?” The question will naturally help James reengage in the meeting without embarrassing him.
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If your virtual meetings feel out of control, don’t worry. These simple tips will help you improve the quality of your virtual team meetings, starting today.

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