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How To Add A Touch Of Elegance To Wooden Staircases

Staircases are more than a mere series of steps put together. A staircase is an object of attention and a space within itself but with a different anatomy. In most cases it is built in a remote corner of the house and left for itself considering it to an insignificant part of the home. According to experts it forms a significant part of the interior design. Which home-owner would like to keep a part of custom-built home bland and uninspiring? So, here are some ways to keep your wooden staircase elegant and charming.


Choosing it right

A central pole stair-case design adores most of the traditional homes, while some others prefer to go with a winding staircase. Choosing the stair-case you want requires an accurate floor plan. For example, for a winding staircase, the floor plan needs to be big. Smaller houses do have limitations in this respect, but for them some special arrangements are required. They include using ornamental or ornamental knobs, or dressing the central pole with attractive caps or adding hand-carved pieces to give it a chic look. The trend of adding hand-carved pieces is, in fact, very popular. Therefore, you will have a wide range of choices to pick from. A variety of pieces in different themes are available in the market that are pocket friendly and fit into the overall theme of the house. You can either choose hand carved pieces like sea-shells or lobsters; you can always colour coordinate with the stair and wall colours.

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Lightening your way up the stairs

Light is a sure shot method to amp up the beauty of a staircase. The subtle drama of light and darkness can elevate the elegance of staircase to the next level. If hanging around light bulb chains is one way of highlighting the staircase, placing different coloured lamps at strategic position will help define the shape of stair in a totally different way. With a wooden staircase, it is important to choose the right colour of the wood. If you are someone who is fond of antique look, dark coloured wood will do, otherwise you can go for light-coloured ones like walnut or pine for a light and airy feeling.

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A few tips to keep the maintenance game spot-on

A well-maintained staircase will have a long life. But most of the times home owners do not understand this. Handrails that lend a factor of safety to staircases should be kept clean and tidy all the time. Polish and dust the wood regularly and follow the carpenter’s directions diligently. It basically involves applying a coat of paint on the wooden staircase. Here again, you can create a pattern of your choice using varnish giving it a layer of elegance. When it comes to using banister, a metal one with wooden finishing will do for the staircase not lose its aesthetic.

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