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Everything You Must Know About Grill Pans

Almost everyone is aware of the notion of grilling, but for those who aren’t, it’s a cooking method where people use dry ingredients before cooking meals. This dry heat can be applied from any of the sides. Grilling takes a lot of radiant heat and cooks meat and vegetables significantly fast. Generally, an outdoor grill of a suitable size is used for cooking. However, with the advancement of technology, a more basic method of using a grill pan has recently gained popularity.

Eating grilled food has numerous health benefits over eating traditional cuisine. These are some of the advantages:

Less amount of fat: Grilled food has a significantly less amount of fat when compared to normal food. During the grilling process, all the fat in the food being cooked melts off and cooks the other ingredients on the grill. This makes cooking burger patties and such foods much healthier than when done in the traditional oil frying method.

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Vegetables and meat are more nutritious when grilled: The process of grilling doesn’t result in loss of vitamins and minerals; this is not the case when food is cooked in any of the other traditional methods. During cooking, most of the essential nutrients in vegetables are washed away with water or are dissolved in the oil. It’s the same case in meat; most of the good nutrients like thiamine and riboflavin are preserved during grill cooking.

No excess fats or catalysts are used: Things like butter or oil are not required to cook while grilling. This is because the natural juices and oils naturally act as catalysts and cook the food on the grill. This makes grilled food have the least amount of fat possible, making it as healthy as possible.

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Buy lean meat: Add variety to your grilling experience. Buy lean meat like fish, chicken and pork; the thinner the meat, the healthier the food and the richer the taste.


Grill more vegetables: Grilling vegetables is the best way to make vegetables tasty and interesting.


Marinate the meat: Marinate the meat you want to cook. It may be anything with salt, pepper vinegar, teriyaki sauce, whatever. Marinating meat eliminates chemicals and adds another world of flavour to your dishes, making the food both delicious and healthy.

Make home kitchen grilling a habit with grill pans.

A Grill pan has ridges on the bottom made to simulate grills closely. These pans help make regular grilling more accessible. Stovetop pans can also be used to steam food by trapping the moisture in the ridges. Pans help make grilled food have a more natural flavour because, unlike traditional grills where the natural juices of the food drip into the flame, the pans trap the juices and make them much more favourable. Unlike the traditional grill, these don’t need any elaborate setup before cooking; just the stove is enough to make regularly healthy and tasty food.

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Choose The Right Pan Material

A Grill pan can be made from many different materials like cast iron, cast aluminium, stainless steel and enamelled steel. They are made with both normal and non-stick surfaces. Cast iron pans effectively distribute heat uniformly but are commonly heavy and may become too hot to handle after a while. Aluminium pans, on the other hand, are lightweight and distribute heat evenly across the surface.

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