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Dive In the New Age Beneficial Benchtops

Marble is a relatively soft material as compared to granite, also it is sensitive and prone to damage. However, it is an authentic addition to kitchen. A certain amount of care needs to be exercised while taking care of marble benchtops.

As marble tops tend to react after coming in contact with an acidic medium. Acid is generally contracted through food items like tomato, fruit juice, vinegar, etc. So it is advisable to use a cutting board instead of using marble benchtops.

How to clean marble benchtops?

  • It is advisable not to use abrasive cleaner for cleaning marble benchtops as it will remove the polish of the benchtop. In addition, hot dishes are not supposed to be placed over marble tops as they can burn the table.
  • It is important not to leave wet perfumed soaps or aerosol cans on the marble benchtops as they can be the reason for stains.
  • Avoid scratching or dragging utensils across the surface of the marble benchtops as marble can be scratched easily.
  • To clean the marble benchtop it is advisable to use a pure soap that is diluted in water.Other than this, you can add half a capful of bleach added to three liters of water and apply the mixture. A mixture of chloride of lime and water is also very effective in removing stains.
  • It is highly recommendable to seal the marble twice a year at least as it will prevent further staining of the benchtops with oil and grease.
  • In case of any doubt, you can contact your nearest marble restoration and refinishing service for further care and maintenance.
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How to take care of Marble benchtops?

Here is a complete guide on how to take care of marble benchtops:-

  1. By Sealing it
    Once you are done installing marble benchtops you are supposed to seal them. The sealant will protect the benchtop from any sauce or wine by penetrating right through the marble benchtop and sitting below its surface.

    However, not all marble benchtops need sealing, it is advisable to enquire with the manufacturer regarding what kind of protection should be used for your marble benchtop.

  2. Use cutting boards or plastic sheets
    As mentioned earlier, marble tops are vulnerable to acidic medium so it is always advised to use a chopping board or cutting board for your vegetables, to protect the top against any acidic medium. If you evidence any signs of etching then you can try various DIY mixtures and paste-like baking soda and water.
  3. Use trivet or coaster while serving
    It is advised not to serve any hot food on your marble benchtops. As it might burn the top and decolorize it. So, it’s better to use a trivet while serving hot food.
  4. Clean with a mild dish soap
    Abrasive dishwashers can result in discoloration of benchtops. So go for a mild dish soap solution as the abrasive ones contain vinegar and citrus fruits which affect the benchtops vigorously. After cleaning the benchtop, spread dome talcum powder all over the benchtop to remove any further stains and also to prevent further stains.


Terrazzo Benchtops

In the contemporary world, simplicity is the new trend that adds new design and texture to your nostalgic kitchen benchtop. It was first produced 500 years ago in Italy. It is a vintage material that is composed of cement, glass, marble chips, and resin. Before you plan to settle for a Terrazzo kitchen benchtop let’s get an insight & benefits of terrazzo benchtops:-

  • Heat Resistant
    The vintage terrazzo kitchen benchtop is highly resistant to heat which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops, also the backsplashes that are present in proximity to heat sources. It contains marble chips still it tends to cool down quite quickly, unlike marble benchtops. You can even work without using a heating pad with terrazzo kitchen tops without compromising their integrity.
  • Durability
    The contemporary terrazzo is constructed using high compressive strength. The vacuum and vibration produce a compact and durable material that can hold out against foot traffic and heavy machinery. There are a variety of terrazzo kitchen benchtops available in the market with a hardness ranging from 4 to 6.
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen Bench Top
    Terrazzo uses a lot of recycled products like graphite, marble, and quartz in its production, including glass fragments. This makes the terrazzo environment friendly. The fragments are further combined along with resin and cement resulting in the creation of unique-looking kitchen slabs.
  • Versatile
    Terrazzo was traditionally used as a flooring material. The new age terrazzo has expanded its services towards backsplashes, shower stalls, wall cladding, and feature walls. As it is heat resistant,in addition, it also provides resistance to UV rays and natural elements which makes it satisfying for outdoor use.
  • Trendy
    Even though the new age terrazzo is trendy and suitable in a lot of ways but its lasting is compromised as compared to marble and granite. It has made a trembling comeback in the market with additional services as mentioned but it’s short-lived lasting might raise some second thoughts.
  • Difficult To Repair
    Terrazzo has the risk of cracking off if not installed properly. So installing it with great care and attention is of utmost importance. Now, of course, it is repairable if the damage has been done but it would be difficult as well as expensive. It is really important to hire experienced professionals for installing terrazzo kitchen tops to prevent any upcoming damage and unwanted expense.

Closing Statement

Both marble benchtops and terrazzo kitchen benchtops have their advantages as well as disadvantages whereas marble requires a bit of high maintenance terrazzo is produced from recycled items despite that also provides high heat resistance. Both of them outsmart each other in their ways. They have their specialty, please be thorough with your research and need while looking for a suitable benchtop.

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