July 12


Debunking Myths Surrounding Online Advertising

Have you been on the internet and be confronted with an advertisement that seemed a little too perfect? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, then you are not alone. We have all been there. We have all searched something on our browser only to be offered it through an advert minutes later. This is scary. It makes us feel as if we are being watched. In many ways, we are. There is no denying that our computers, phones, and laptops monitor us constantly. They take every piece of information that we insert and monitor, analyse, and collect it. Again, this is scary. However, it is merely a fact of life. Well, at least for the present. In years to come, we may look back on this as an obvious breach of privacy. However, for now, it is the norm. Advertising over the Internet is a recent thing. The Internet has only been around for just over ten years. Therefore, it has not been long that people have been advertising on it. Stay tuned, we are going to explore some of the myths surrounding Internet advertising and whether or not they are founded in fact.

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Internet Advertising is Hard to Get Into

There is a pre-conception out there that advertising online is a hard market to get involved in. It is thought that it is incredibly difficult to create an online advertising campaign. It is difficult to understand where this idea comes from. We believe that it comes from the fact that the Internet as a concept is confusing. The Internet is formed out of complex code that links and binds together, forming the intricate web that we know as the Internet. Therefore, when someone thinks of online advertising, creating a website, or anything that involves the Internet, they think that it must be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, we now have companies who can provide us with the services we need in order to do these incredibly hard things. So, while it would be difficult for us to create an online advertising campaign on our own, we now have firms like King Kong. These firms specialise in Google Ads. They can tailor make an advert based on your needs. This means that your adverts are more effective, more accurate, and they will penetrate through the noise that exists in the online sphere.

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TikTok is No Television

Many of us struggle to let go of the past. There are a lot of people of in the advertising business who still believe that television or radio is better than a social media platform like TikTok. The answer to this one is simple; if you are employed in advertising and believe this, then you will not be employed in advertising for long. Sites like TikTok are where the traffic is, therefore, it is better to advertise where the eyes are. You can read more about TikTok advertising by clicking on this link.

Provided in this article are some of the myths surrounding the idea of online advertising. Hopefully, from reading this article you will have a better understanding of online advertising. If technology and innovation is a topic that you find interesting, you might enjoy this.

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