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A Few TikTok Categories That Are Gaining The Most Traffic

TikTok has transformed from a fledgling social media app to the one with the fastest rate of growth in less than four years. Despite ranking eighth in terms of total users among social media applications, it has the highest engagement times with 1 billion monthly active users and more than 3 billion installations since its release in 2017. In addition, people on TikTok spend more than triple the time invested on Pinterest, which is in second place, with an overall session duration of 10+ minutes.


The application’s appealing categories, which cover anything from cuisine and cookery to outdoor recreation and dancing, are diversified. However, the attractiveness of the various categories varies greatly, so it could be pretty helpful to know what your followers are interested in to determine which categories generate the most views and conversation. You could choose to buy tiktok followers for yout TikTok profile to increase your audience community. The best ten content categories, as per Statista’s analysis, are as follows:

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The Most Popular TikTok Categories




Several TikTok categories have lagged behind this one in terms of growth. It is claimed that individuals use TikTok to improve their attitude, and the application contains appropriate content for this purpose. It also has a broader audience than most hashtags because it covers content with humor, dramas, duets, mystery, special effects, and even #oddlysatisfying videos. You rarely understand what you’re about to find in this genre, which adds to the excitement and provides the search even more compelling element.




Since the dance genre is ingrained in TikTok’s formats, the firm has built-in features which make it simple for everyone to participate and keep up with the trend. A few of the best incentives for users to join is the soundtrack; it’s the application version of your friends encouraging you to sing along to karaoke tracks: you can’t help yourself. In addition, the dance category or genre is a veritable gold mine of hilarious, terrible, and good performances. The playing field is leveled between trained professional choreographers and that person who sat next to you in mathematics, including everything from extremely simple foot-shuffling to intricate routines, shown live on this platform.

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On TikTok, you won’t discover 30-minute exercise clips, and then you will find a fantastic platform for sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts to provide advice, flaunt their skills, and increase engagement with fans. If they’re posting memes, meals, or biceps, influencers in the health and wellness field are winning big, having 57+ billion visits and still counting, as per Statista. Several elite and Olympic sports people also talk about their stories on the application.


Diy Home Improvements


It is not surprising that this genre dominates social media because it is so popular online and on television. To date, billions of people have taken notice. It’s a terrific platform for producers to exchange guidance, tricks, and tips. And over 8+ billion people have watched #homeimprovement clips alone.

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Skin/Beauty Care


Due to the video elements that enable them to swiftly demonstrate the process which transforms them from ordinary to extraordinary, TikTok is a good fit for influencers in the beauty sector. For example, videos with the hashtags #beauty and #skincare have received over 79+ billion and 75+ billion views, respectively.




There is no restriction on how fashion influencers or content creators display their work. Fashion is a popular stream with 122+ billion views, showcasing a fresh style, sharing clothes hauls, or providing fashion ideas and hacks.




To create a delicious dish on TikTok, you don’t need to be a Michelin-starred chef. Even inexperienced chefs can post video recipes, provide straightforward cooking tips, or add a novel spin to a tried-and-true dish. Additionally, audiences are interested in this information, given the 18 billion views. Among the trending culinary hashtags is #salmonrice, which has 791+ million views and was started by Emily Mariko.

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Life Tips And Tricks


Upbeat content was more in demand during the times of pandemic, and this genre was one way to find it. The hashtag exploded with everything from helpful ideas and supportive remarks to advice on how to take care of oneself and comments about mental wellbeing. Over 50+ billion web pages have viewed the hashtag #lifehacks.




Who doesn’t adore a soft, fluffy pet? The pets hashtag on TikTok has received over 42+ billion views, and it’s not usually your typical house cat or stylish dog that’s grabbing people’s attention: A tiger tops the list of TikTok’s animal influencers, which also include ferrets, gorillas, tortoises, and even foxes in the top twenty. Famous pet expert ‘Noodle, the Pug makes predictions about whether fans will have a day with bones or without.

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The TikTok course has plenty of genres wherein the content is doing well in all categories. Therefore, you can gain plenty of viewers based on various types. People who like a specific genre could choose to follow content related to that niche. This will help you retain your customer base. You could also choose to work with Trollishly to gain more audience for the future. Recently, fitness, motivational, product launches, educational videos, and Q&A options are gaining high traffic on the platform. If you are a newbie to TikTok, you can try any of your preferred categories to excel on the app.

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