April 25


Chankanaab National Park: A Visit To Remember

Ahh, the Ocean! Now, who doesn’t love a big, blue water body, which is the home to numerous aquatic living organisms? The ocean, for most people, is a sight of peace, serenity, and quiet. Families all over the world look for the opportunity to go out and explore the coastal regions of the world. Furthermore, that closeness to the ocean as well as the local culture, well, it doesn’t get better than that. A trip near the sea is one that people long for. And the ones that do go get to have the time of their lives. The sound of the waves hitting each other, the cool breeze running through the skin, sharing that moment with a loved one or friends, that is what the aim of life is. So a trip to the ocean is not just a trip to the ocean. It is something way better. Furthermore, there are a number of activities that people can do, from deep-sea diving to just sitting on the beach and several other activities.

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The Whole Package?

The ocean getaways are really something to look forward to. You can do it all, from deep-sea diving to surfing. So if you are going on a trip to an oceanic front, getting the whole package is totally worth it. You get a private room, clean water, everything in one place. Furthermore, the package includes an open bar and free in-room snacks.

Furthermore, it will help you see a lot of new places, with the utmost detail. So the next time you visit Mexico, plan a stay at the Chankanaab National Park. Here you will be welcomed to a visit in the vicinity of nature and the water as well. Chanakanab is mainly famous for its activities with dolphins. The guests can select various ranges from just petting the dolphins to swimming and even diving with them in the water. Furthermore, Dolphin Discovery offers all these packages for the guests at the park. The prices for these packages are really affordable, and worth every single penny spent.

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What Does Chankanaab Mean?

Chankanaab comes from the Maya language; here, Chan means small, and Kanaab means ocean. The word refers to a lagoon inside a park. It is said to be a refuge for pirates who were in search of areas to stash their loot and treasure.

Petting Aqua

Petting a dolphin seems scary to many people. But in reality, dolphins are really friendly creatures who can be petted easily with minimal risk in the activity. Many studies have also proved that dolphins really like humans and how they pet them. Furthermore, they are a safer species to keep inside a park with residential facilities. Actividades en Parque Chankanaab is the various activities you can do during your visit to the Chankanaab National Park. The aquatic activities include Diving with Dolphins, Sea Lion Discovery, Manatee Encounter, Dolphin Swim, etc. All these activities are the most used and enjoyed ones and are recommended by the people there as well.

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Services And Facilities

Your stay at the lagoon will be well catered for. Even if you are near nature, you will still have all the amenities for your comfort. The resort also rents equipment for snorkeling and diving. The staff ensures no hassles for the visitors and a smooth trip entirely.


So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at the Parque Chankanaab Cozumel and experience the beauty of nature at its best.

It is a magical adventure, and you have to enjoy the ride. Come become a part of the nature reserve and stay close to a majestic aquatic universe.

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