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6 Wonderful Ways to Give an Antique Touch to your Bedroom

Vintage is preloved, and bedroom designs with vintage flair have an unparalleled charm. Repurposed furniture, frilly bed covers, floral wallpapers, architectural wrecks, uneven patinas, and exceptional wall moldings give endless opportunities to create stunning bedroom decor. In addition, vintage decor allows you to mix and blend contemporary and old-fashioned styles to achieve an entirely new space.


At times lively, warmly inviting, quaintly nostalgic, well-designed vintage bedrooms are the perfect solution to match every individual’s dream decor goals. However, designing a vintage bedroom isn’t a piece of cake; you must put in the effort, time, and energy to source beautiful finds from endless opportunities. To help you out, we have curated creative ideas and ways to bring a touch of the past into your bedroom.

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6 Wonderful ways to give an antique touch to your bedroom


Incorporate crown molding

To give your bedroom, a vintage look, wall and ceiling moldings are one of the great ways. Wall and ceiling crown moldings add character and charm and effectively frames the bedroom.


An expert tip to make the crown moldings stand out is to use a lighter color than your primary wall paint color.


Incorporate a four-poster bed

If you are quite serious about giving your bedroom a vintage flair, then incorporating some old-fashioned items with an attached antique flair is great. For example, a four-poster bed instantly adds a historical flair to your bedroom interior design. We recommend you explore a wide range of uniquely paired contemporary Australian art and design with vintage European design furniture from Modern Times.

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However, you might find these beds highly overpriced but, no need to be alarmed by seemingly higher costs. Instead, invest time, energy, and a little money to build your four-poster bed. Then, all you need are some of the inexpensive hardware store rods and other fittings.


Further, drape the bed in an awe-inspiring drape to make the canopy bed a centerpiece of the bedroom. However, skip this if you own a small, low ceiling bedroom, as it will make the space look smaller and congested.


Decorate with chalk-paint patina, ornate picture frames

Talking the varied antique-inspired centerpieces, chalk-paint patina, and ornate picture frames offer a lovely antique vibe to any space.

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Stock up on several vintage frames and invest some time in chalk-paint patina. Afterward, place them against the wall on a tabletop or put them up on walls in a messy pattern. It works miraculously to give an instant antique touch to your bedroom.


Repurpose an orchard ladder into a nightstand on one side of the bed

A ladder-turned-nightstand is a perfect example of how refurbishing old furniture can offer awe-inspiring moments. This ladder nightstand is highly functional. It offers a good vertical space for storing goods within reach. It indeed is a life savior for the ones residing in small quarters.


You can even DIY a nightstand ladder as per your preferences. Affix desired lighting system, and you are all set to add a vintage aesthetic decor to quirky transform the vibe of the bedside corner.

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Incorporate an ornate mirror

Another instant way to instantly transform the whole space without burning your pockets is by adding an ornate mirror.


You can use rustic blackboard paint on antique mirror frames. It offers an instant and easy makeover to the ornate mirrors. Or, if you are looking for a retro look, get the frames painted in a mix of gold tones or pastel tints.


Use an old-fashioned wallpaper design.

Talking of the antique vibes to the bedroom, printed antiquated wallpapers are a go-to solution. Such wallpapers look appealing. You can use a more intricate wallpaper design; it will serve as the focal point for the entire room’s decor.

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Further, get the headboard, accent wall, curtains, and everything else in line with the installed wallpaper theme. Last, the bedroom you will get offers a cozy and homey space inspiring a good night’s sleep.




Giving an antique touch to your bedroom might seem like a costly affair. However, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. We have mentioned a range of cost-effective, time-savior, yet most stunning hacks to give your bedroom an instant, timeless, and vintage-inspired makeover in no time.

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