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6 Stunning Ways to Decorate a Kid’s birthday party

Are you planning your kid’s Birthday party? Clueless about decoration ideas? Birthday parties for kids need to be well decorated with confetti and sparkles. To make it interesting and colorful, you need to put balloons, hangings, some stars, and cartoons all over the place. If you do it in the right way, your kid is going to love it! Let’s grab some ideas on different decorations so you can go for the birthday bash of your little one!


  1. Balloon Backdrop

Birthdays are incomplete without balloons. Get some packets of color-coordinating balloons. It will be a great idea if you choose your kid’s favorite color. You can also go with the theme of the party.

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Put several balloons on the backdrop of your cake-cutting area. Arrange it in a pattern to make it look beautiful. You can also go for balloons with printed patterns and designs. It will look glimmering.  The party’s vibe will change, and your special moment photos will be amazing. You can get sparkle ribbons and hang them on the wall to complete the whole look making it more dazzling.


  1. Door Decoration

To make the party more interesting and create a first impression on the minds of your little guest, put on a creative entrance. All these kiddies will feel like they are entering a new world which will make them more excited about the party.

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You can select a theme for the party and decorate your entrance accordingly. Put figures and shapes to make it interesting. You can use different lights, ribbons, balloons, and other pieces on the door to make it look unique and eye-pleasing. This little additional creativity will fill the party room with excitement.


  1. Designer Cartoon Cup

Kids are really obsessed with cartoons. How can you miss their favorite cartoon at the party? Get some ideas on what are the favorite animations of your kid and use them at the party. Put some cartoon characters on a party cup. Seeing their favorite cartoon characters will make them love these cups.

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Head to the cup shop, customize the cut design, and place the order. You can also go DIY if you can paint. There is also an option of putting stickers on the cups to make them neater. These cups will bring a wide smile to your kid’s face.


  1. Royal King/Queen Crown

Every kid likes to become a king or queen inspired by fiction stories and cartoons. A crown will add fun to their party and make them feel royal. Their special day will become more happening for them when they feel different from others.

You can use the crown in place of party hats. It will be a cute prop for the photos too. You can prepare the crown on your own with some crafty glitters and pompoms. Use your creativity and create a royal-looking crown. Your kid will love the idea of this!

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  1. DIY Flower Decoration

The flowers are good, but they do not look fresh throughout the party. And it’s not a very good idea to get real flowers at a kid’s party. The alternative to this is DIY flowers. You know kids like crafty things. Your house design using beautiful flowers crafted with paper will attract the children.

DIY flowers can also be designed in many different ways. You can choose solid or printed paper. Using these flowers, you can make bangings, table decor, wall decor, and even give it to your young guests as a return gift. This idea will definitely add up to your decoration and make the party look beautiful.

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  1. Photo Corner

Nowadays, photos and videos are the most important part of any event. To make those memorable snaps aesthetic and beautiful, you can create a corner. A photo corner can be a big asset to make your birthday decorative.

You can decide on a theme and buy stuff to set up the photo corner. You can choose to make it yourself too. With little investment of time and money, you can make your kids’ birthday memorable forever by clicking adorable pictures in the photo corner. These pictures will also show your hard work behind the decor.



Arranging a kid’s party and decorating it is not a tough task. You can just use your creativity and some craft materials to make it happen. With the ideas mentioned above, you can integrate your imagination and create some more beautiful decor pieces. Get inspiration from your kids’ likes and favorites and turn the birthday bash into a memorable one!

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