January 11


6 benefits of having a stretcher on commercial flights

Having an air ambulance stretcher on a commercial flight can be an invaluable asset for medical transportation, providing countless benefits both to patients and medical professionals alike. From comfort and convenience to cost savings, there are several advantages to having a stretcher on board a commercial airline stretcher service. Whether you’re a medical professional looking for the best way to transport a patient or a traveler who may require the use of a stretcher on a commercial flight, this post will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1) Increased comfort

When traveling long distances, comfort is a huge factor in making the journey enjoyable. Having a stretcher on commercial flights can make a huge difference in terms of comfort. Stretchers provide a flat surface that offers more support than regular airline seats.

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This can help travelers avoid developing soreness and discomfort during long-haul flights, allowing them to arrive feeling refreshed and ready to take on their destination. Additionally, commercial stretcher flights offer extra space for passengers who may need it due to medical conditions or simply for added comfort.

2) Avoiding deep vein thrombosis

Having a stretcher on commercial flights helps passengers avoid the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is a serious medical condition that can develop when someone has been sitting for long periods in cramped spaces.

With a stretcher, passengers can get the space and comfort they need to prevent the formation of clots and reduce the risk of DVT. This can give passengers peace of mind during their long flights and ensure that they have a safe and healthy journey.

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3) Reduced risk of injury

Having a stretcher on board a commercial flight provides added security and comfort for those traveling with medical needs. It significantly reduces the risk of further injury while in transit, as a patient can remain flat and comfortable throughout the journey.

Stretchers also provide additional safety measures by allowing the patient to be secured to the aircraft during turbulence and other sudden changes in air pressure. This can help prevent further injury, making it a safer and more secure option for those with medical needs.

4) Easier access to medical care

Having a stretcher on commercial flights can provide easier access to medical care for those who are unable to move around the cabin or have mobility issues.

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By having a stretcher, a passenger can be moved safely and quickly to the onboard medical team, allowing them to receive the attention they need promptly. This can greatly reduce the risk of injury or further medical complications during flight.

5) Peace of mind

For those who are traveling with a patient in need of medical care, a stretcher can provide peace of mind. Knowing that there is a place to secure the patient and make them as comfortable as possible can ease the minds of family members, friends, and carers.

This can help reduce stress levels during the flight and make the journey more enjoyable for everyone. In addition, having a stretcher on board can help reassure medical personnel that the person will be safe and secure during the duration of the flight. The availability of a stretcher can provide extra assurance that the patient’s medical needs will be met throughout the journey.

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6) Improved sleep quality

Traveling can be exhausting, but having access to a stretcher during a commercial flight can significantly improve your sleep quality. With the ability to lie down flat, passengers can find a more comfortable position and stretch out.

This allows them to rest more easily and reduces the risk of neck and back pain. Not only does this help improve sleep quality, but it also ensures that passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

Furthermore, lying in a comfortable position can help reduce the effects of jet lag, making it easier to adjust to the new time zone. By providing a stretcher, airlines can ensure that their passengers have a comfortable and restful journey.

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When it comes to medical emergencies, access to a stretcher can be a literal lifesaver. For those who are unable to sit in a seat due to medical or mobility issues, having a stretcher on board a commercial flight is essential for ensuring their safety and comfort.

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