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How To Know What Suspension Best Suits Your Vehicle

Suspension kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be overwhelming for a beginner — or even the most experienced auto enthusiast. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of experience, though, you probably know that upgrading your vehicle’s suspension is the key to better performance and customized handling. This is especially true when you couple a lift kit with other accessories such as tire and wheel packages. Learn about the major differences between air suspension and other systems — and see which one is best for your vehicle’s unique needs.

Air Suspension

One of the most popular types of suspension is the air ride suspension system. This type of suspension replaces a traditional suspension system’s struts and shocks with an air shock system. This setup relies on a compressor or an electric pump that works in conjunction with flexible bellows. The pump or compressor will pump air into these bellows — which are typically constructed from rubber that’s reinforced with nylon — to generate the pressure that mimics the motion of springs. The result is a customized ride that’s suited to daily driving or ideal for performance purposes.

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There are several pros and cons that you should consider before committing to an air suspension system, though. One of the biggest disadvantages is the cost of a kit and installation. An air suspension is a major investment, and for some, a more affordable lift kit may be preferable. Similarly, air suspension systems are unlikely to last as long as other types of lift kits. This is because of the complexity of the system compared to a traditional spring-based suspension. With more parts, there is more opportunity for mechanical failure. Still, for many drivers, the customizability of an air suspension makes it worthwhile. An air suspension may also minimize the wear and tear that other parts of your vehicle are subject to.

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Different Types of Kits

Air suspension kits aren’t the only option for upgrading your suspension. Other types of suspension systems include a double wishbone system, a trailing arm system, or a leaf spring suspension. Each of these offers its own unique benefits as well as its own challenges, and the ideal selection depends on the effect you’re going for. Just be sure that when you tune your suspension, it still meets basic safety criteria for driving. A suspension that’s tuned to be too stiff or too soft may increase the risk of accidents, body roll, and an array of other unwanted outcomes.

These suspension kits are just one of many methods you can employ when you’re modifying your vehicle’s lift. If you want a completely customized car, investing in new tires can emphasize the improvement offered by your new suspension. The Mickey Thompson Classic III, for example, offers adaptability in the face of nearly any type of terrain. They’re particularly well suited to mud and other challenging conditions, making them the ideal choice for any off-road escapade. Enjoy a tougher tread that’s perfect for the most rugged road.

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