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4 Tips for a Safe Kneeboarding Experience

Water sports are fun and relatively safe adventure sports. They are also wildly accessible, unlike others, such as diving, skydiving, and snorkelling. Nevertheless, it has its risks.

Taking those kneeboards out for a ride may be fun, but nearly 85% of all water sports victims drown due to their refusal to use the life-saving gear. Hence following some basic rules can be essential for a good run on the water.

So here are some practical tips for a safe and enjoyable kneeboarding experience out in the water.

1.     Always Warm Up and Stretch

The most common myth about kneeboarding is that it impacts riders’ knees since the rider’s back and neck will receive most of the impact. Therefore it is critical to keep those regions exercised and flexible.

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Upward-facing dog and triangle positions in yoga are excellent for keeping the back flexible and stretched. Even those who stretch before getting in the water frequently ignore their neck. Stretching before each session and identifying effective stretches will help keep soreness at bay.

Furthermore, keeping a healthy core and exercising those muscles are critical things to do. This is a compulsion for any watersports.

2.     Choose and Use the Right Equipment

The key to a good kneeboarding session is to choose kneeboards according to individual skill level. These can be any of the following:

  • Roto-moulded boards
  • Compression-moulded boards
  • Sandwich construction boards

Moreover, one should have the best ropes and lifejackets for kneeboarding. Rope stretches are classified into two types: low stretch and no stretch.

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Low-stretch ropes are inexpensive and ideal for children. On the other hand, riders that want to kneeboard seriously require a no-stretch rope. In addition to offering a robust and reliable pull, it is significantly safer for performing maneuvers.

3.     Good Posture Is Vital

Good posture is essential for executing kneeboard stunts successfully and safely. Therefore, the rider must maintain a straight back, keep their shoulders back, and elbows at their waist. This moves the centre of gravity a little, preventing an unpleasant and forceful landing. Moreover, the rider should never let their arms out after landing!

Also, maintaining a straight back and elbows at the hips during the landing separates a safe landing from a possibly disastrous one.

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4.     It Is Vital to Commit to the Sport

As a leisure activity or water sport, kneeboarding ought to be enjoyable. If something does not go as expected, the rider should try again. Before jumping into this activity, however, it is critical to have a fundamental understanding of water skills, particularly swimming.

Moreover, letting go of the grip is among the worst things to do while attempting any trick. This immediately destroys all forward and rotational forces and raises the probability of a mishap. As a result, holding out on the rope might be a really good idea.

Water sports are obviously quite enjoyable and relatively easy to adopt. However, they can be pretty dangerous. Kneeboarding can be especially stressful if one does not follow the essential safety tips. Namely:

  • Choosing the right gear
  • Warming up and stretching before a ride
  • Maintaining good posture
  • Committing to sport fully
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In addition, one should always kneeboard under the supervision of an expert. This way, in case any mishaps occur, the experts can come out and rescue the kneeboarder instantly. Ultimately, this can save lives!

Author: Alisha


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