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4 fashionable tips for men’s glasses

Many people find it hard to find the perfect pair of frames, especially when it comes to men’s glasses. More and more guys are even wearing eyeglasses these days, with a growing number of men sporting chic glasses such as aviators or wayfarers. If you’re one of these men looking for stylish new frames, we have assembled this list of 4 tips for buying fashionable popular men’s glasses from the most popular and credible websites on the internet.


  1. Identify Your Face Shape

The first thing to determine when buying glasses is your face shape. It’s a simple process that you can do by looking in the mirror and pretending you’re squishing an orange peel with your face. Your face has two major and three minor facial features: The forehead, cheeks, nose, jawline and lips. Most rectangular shaped faces have high cheekbones, a broad forehead and nose, with sharp chin lines. Square-shaped faces have similar features as long as they aren’t rounded off at the sides of their jaws. Round-shaped faces have wide cheekbones but narrow foreheads and jaws. Oval-shaped faces are usually best suited with square glasses, while heart-shaped faces look well in heart-shaped frames.

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  1. Choose A Frame Style That Goes With Your Face Shape

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you’ll want to find frames that suit your face shape. The most important thing is to never choose glasses that will make you look like a munchkin or a giant. It’s important that the bridge not be too wide; otherwise, it can cause visual distortion and alter your facial appearance. It’s also best to avoid purchasing round or oval glasses with flat lenses, because they can create distortion when looking at them from the side.


Round frames work better with oval face shapes, both for men and women. If you have an oval face shape but prefer a rounder frame, you can choose either thin or wide frames for your glasses. If you have an oval face shape but prefer a rounder frame, you can choose either thin or wide frames for your glasses.

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  1. Choose Frames With Excellent Optical Quality

Glass lenses are both durable and transparent. The eye sits in front of the lens, then reflects its image straight back to your brain. Glasses with lesser optical quality can distort the image, making you look like an alien from outer space with crazy eye sockets and a gaunt face. The glass lenses are what make glasses need replacements so frequently. It’s important to find frames that are high-quality and durable. Opticians or eyeglasses shops will test the quality of glasses lenses by sending them through various tests such as collapse tests and scratch tests.

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  1. 4. Get A Good Prescription

Finally, it’s important to get a proper prescription from an eye doctor before buying new glasses frames. A bad prescription can affect your visual acuity, making it difficult to see clearly. This is why it’s important that you get a good prescription from the optometrist or the optician before placing an order for new glasses.



Men’s glasses have long been associated with sophistication and sophistication. But now, there are more stylish styles of eyeglasses for men available and it’s starting to become a fashion statement. Most men have their own frame style or shape that they prefer, so if you’re not sure which style is going to fit you the best, take a look at our article about the  tips for buying fashionable glasses.

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