October 21


Work remotely from the best destinations in the world

Remote work is here to stay. Our economies and societies are more digital than ever and even before the 2020 pandemic, more companies thought that giving flexibility to their employees so that they could work from home a few days per week would result in better performance and a higher wellbeing of their workforce. However, it was during the pandemic that people were forced to stay at home and most companies realised they could continue to function without having to spend a fortune on office space, especially for web developers, engineers, SEO managers, copywriters or social media managers. Remote employees might be wondering about the best locations for digital nomads and we can shed some light on the topic.

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What are the best locations for digital nomads?

Some of the best locations nomads would love to work from are also those locations where they would happily go on holiday, so having this opportunity is something hard to imagine just a few years ago. This flexible lifestyle comes together with more creativity, productivity and adaptability. In the perfect location, we would look for low living costs, a fast and reliable internet connection, lively cities and a good climate. Here are a few options:

  1. Chiang Mai (Thailand): It offers amazing jungles, beautiful temples and exciting markets, apart from modern co-working spaces and low living costs, with an average cost of living of 950 USD per month. Furthermore, locals are very friendly and welcoming so you would feel at home from day 1. Whenever you are not working, you have the chance to visit its many attractions or enjoy some of their delicious food.
  2. Oaxaca (Mexico): This is a safe city with plenty of other digital nomads looking for day trip opportunities and weekend getaways. In its colourful streets, you can find many rooftop restaurants and lots of street art. One of its greatest advantages is its location, as you would be close to other destinations in Mexico or even the United States.
  3. Canggu (Bali): Even if you have probably not heard about this surf destination, it has made a great effort to attract digital nomads in recent years. With a cost of living of about 1.350 USD per month, you could enjoy some of its Australian-style cafés, co-working spaces and its active digital nomad life.
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Insurance for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad has many advantages but its flexibility also brings other topics we need to think about. One of them is our annual travel insurance. If we move around and work from different locations for a long period of time, the smart thing to do is to contract an annual travel insurance which provides assistance under any potential trip disruption, a 24/7 medical chat, free assistant calls and the coverage for the reimbursement of expenses of any cancelled trips. Heymondo offers comprehensive travel insurance plans ideal for digital nomads which cover anything from medical expenses, to personal liability, repatriation home, baggage or other travel issues. Furthermore, they are customisable with add-ons, such as electronic equipment or adventure sports, so you do not have to worry about anything during your stay abroad.

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The world is changing and how we work is changing rapidly too, therefore we can take advantage of the location where we decide to work from and forget about any potential issues by contracting an annual travel insurance.

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