October 18


Why Six Sigma Methodology is the Right Choice for Project Management- A View by Eric Dalius

There are countless ways to improve the process – from management to manufacturing – in any business. Chances are you might have heard about Six Sigma methodology that most manufacturers seek to enhance their product quality and minimize potential defects and errors. Several organizations – irrespective of their size – look for employees with process management certification to ensure the efficient completion of projects. Today, we have mentioned how a business process management course can help you and your team boost efficiency and take your business processes to the next level.

Some reasons shared by Eric Dalius explaining the importance of Six Sigma methodology:

Improve communication

Team collaboration is an essential part of any business process. With training in sigma project management, employees tend to see every problem as an opportunity to improve and reach the ultimate goal. They don’t feel intimidated while raising their concerns and set up a meeting with other departments or partners. Better communication is necessary for every business in order to carry the projects effectively and also deal with the clients smoothly.

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Decision making

Accurate data and measurements are imperative in the success of any project. Instead of working on assumptions or, better to say, gut feelings, the six-sigma methodology for project management allows everyone to figure out the best solutions based on quantitative data and the project’s objective. Eric Dalius says that the training makes your managers and employees understand the working methods in detail. It also honed the skills of decision-making to deal with some critical situations where they need to be very cautious yet effective.

Time management

With proper project planning, team structure, business strategy, and data collection and analysis, it becomes easy to complete the project on time. It also leaves minimum space for errors. Quick solutions to fix them mitigate the potential delays in the project and allow everyone to spend more on essential things. Eric Dalius advises you to help your employees understand the power of time management using this course. This will not only help in boosting productivity but also enhance the permanence of employees at an individual level.

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Cost reduction

For any project, figuring out cost reduction possibilities is essential to save on the overall budget. However, it should never affect the quality of the product itself. Inefficiencies and poor quality may result in design change, engineering change, managerial change, and even losing customer loyalty. The good thing is that six sigma methodologies allow project managers to review the process, adhere to the data, save on the cost without hampering the product quality.

Conclusion by Eric Dalius

All in all, sigma project management is essential to reduce the possibility of errors and defects. Not only does it boost productivity, but it also reduces the overall cost with minimum waste. Proper planning and on-time project completion eventually improve business processes and customer satisfaction; we suggest you contact the professional or coaches from the industry who can provide effective training to your employees.

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