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Why Should You Dress Right for The Bike Ride

Cycling is an actual fun activity, and people love to go outdoors to spend time, especially after spending more than a year inside their homes. Pandemic has taught everyone about their health conditions and how they may go downhill if not taken care of properly.


And those who are professional riders need specific gear for better performance, especially cycling clothing. There is proper clothing set for bike riders, and it helps them perform better in tournaments or competitions. And, it is not just for the professionals; regular bike riders can also buy these clothing items to improve their cycling experience.

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This article will list the reasons why one should wear clothes designed for cycling whether they are a pro or not:


These clothes are specifically designed for cyclists, and it is made of moisture-wicking material such as spandex, lycra, nylon, and polyester. This will ensure that the cyclist stays cool and sweat evaporates at a faster rate.


Pockets are attached to the back of your shorts to keep your keys and cell phone—if they are placed on the side pockets, it will affect the ride’s speed by creating resistance.

The cycling shorts have more padding to provide a firm grip on the saddle—popularly known as chamois; they are also great for comfort. Overall, these shorts give you comfort and support for better cycling.

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Cycling clothing is a must for professional cyclists as it reduces the resistance to a maximum level, hence, increasing the top speed. With these gears and clothing, one can push to their limits with each ride.


Here are some of the important clothing items you must buy if you want to improve your experience:


Jersey: These jerseys are designed to wick away the sweat and keep the body temperature normal. These jerseys come in a wide variety of fabric materials and styles. There are options of different jerseys for different seasons as well. For winter, buy the one with a long-sleeved thermal-fleece option, which gives you warmth in winter. And for summer, buy one with less weight and a sleeveless breathable design.

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Windbreakers: These are jackets that can cut through the wind. The wind is a crucial factor affecting your riding speed and quality, and to avoid these effects, invest in a good-quality windbreaker. These jackets are a favourite of professional riders as they are beneficial for reducing the wind and helping them move without any resistance. These windbreakers are crucial for racers as even a few seconds of difference can snatch the trophy from their hand.


Fitted tights: These tights are skin tight and allow a lot of movement in every direction without any restriction or discomfort. You may or may not wear shorts over these tights, and if those shorts are baggy and catch the wind a lot, it will destroy the purpose of the tights. These shorts prevent chafing and tearing of skin during rigorous training.

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Bib shorts: These shorts are fitted cycling shorts with straps going over the shoulder. The straps are to keep the chamois shorts in place while cycling. These shorts will avoid the bunching up of the chamois shorts while cycling. Always buy rib shorts that have a breathable fabric material and stretchable quality.


This is why one should always invest in good-quality cycling gear and clothing.

Zoya Maryam


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