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Why is my Fitbit Not Charging: How To Fix?

If your Fitbit doesn’t charge, ensure it’s properly connected to the charger. If your Fitbit isn’t charging properly, there are a few things you should try to fix.

Ensure the Fitbit charging contacts are clean, dry, and properly seated in your charger.

If possible, try restarting your Fitbit or try a different charger. With the routine abuse most fitness trackers are subjected to, it’s a wonder they don’t suffer from other problems.

But generally, most Fitbits will work flawlessly for years.

However, sometimes you run into problems when trying to charge your Fitbit. If your Fitbit isn’t charging properly, here are the most common issues and how to fix them.

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What to do if your Fitbit Won’t Charge?

First off, it’s worth noting that your Fitbit Versa might take a long time to charge.

If you haven’t used or charged it for a long time, e.g., several months, leave it plugged in to charge longer than you think it will take. Start charging.

However, if you are sure that this is not the case, read on.


1) Charging contacts are dirty

You need to clean and clear the charging space on your Fitbit.

This is by far the most common issue preventing Fitbits from charging properly.

It’s easy for your bracelet to get dirty, especially when you wear it while doing sports outdoors.

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You can use a toothbrush with isopropyl alcohol and then a dry cloth to clean the contacts; they should appear golden or brown when clean.


2) The pins are misaligned.

Make sure the charger is properly connected. Maybe you tried charging a Fitbit versa and woke up with a dead fitness band.

Often the problem is as simple as misaligned charging pins; In other words, the charger isn’t properly connected to your Fitbit.

Double-check that the Fitbit is properly seated in its charger. You may need to remove it and reinsert it to align the contacts and pins properly.


3) Fitbit is wet

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Fitbit Believe it or not, a wet Fitbit (including one wet with sweat) can have trouble charging. Dry it well and try again.


4) The Fitbit needs to be restarted

Your Fitbit versa is like a mini-computer. And just like any computer, restarting your Fitbit can often resolve any issues. If any software problem occurs, then it needs to be restarted.

The process of resetting your Fitbit Inspire varies by model but

is often as simple as pressing one or more buttons, as detailed in this Fitbit Charge HR reset article.


5) Your USB port or charger may not be working.

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It’s not uncommon for a USB port to short out or stop working. In this case, any connected charger will not work.


6) Another USB port

You can also try restarting the computer if you’re using a USB port on your Mac or PC. Your charger may have a problem if you know the USB port is working.

Try all the above steps and if it still doesn’t charge, try a new charger.


What to do if your Fitbit Won’t Turn On? 

If you own a Fitbit Inspire, or Fitbit Charge 5, you can have an issue where it’s a black screen.

However, even though it’s a black screen, you know it’s on if you turn it over. You can see it blinking or feel the vibration.

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If any smartwatch won’t charge or turn on, you should first restart it. Force restart can fix many software glitches, and it starts charging. If restarting won’t fix the charging issue of your Android smartwatch or Apple watch, you can try other solutions.

Here we will give you several solutions to get you up and to run. So let’s just pretend that this has a black screen. So the first thing you have to do is just go ahead and grab your phone.

Start and open up your Fitbit app; hopefully, you’re connected. If you’re connected, we can proceed.


Solution – 1

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We’re going to go ahead and change the clock face. Once you open your Fitbit app, the top left-hand side is the avatar photo. Go ahead and click on that and then click your watch. Whatever should be right here.

Then tap on clock faces right there. You want to tap up here where it says “all clocks,” and now you just want to change it to a different clock. Now just go ahead and click on select. And wait a few mins.


Solution – 2

Go ahead and grab your charger and plug it in. still holding it here. Still holding there’s a smiley face.

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Solution – 3

We want you to keep doing this while it’s charging. Try it five, six, seven, or eight times more. If it’s still not working, the next thing you have to do is unplug it. And you to do is start tapping kind of hard all over the screen, all over the sides.

You can use two fingers if you want. Press and hold the button here until the smiley face appears on your screen. Then go ahead and let go.

If you’re still down, do the same thing again. Go ahead and pull it out. Then tap everywhere like crazy again and pop it back in.

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Press the sides here and continue to hold until the smiley face appears.



What to do if your Fitbit Charge Slowly? 

You can feel pretty bad when your Fitbit versa watch is not charging, or maybe you see it sometimes.

Sometimes it takes to charge, and sometimes it doesn’t. Or maybe it charges, but your battery’s charge is not increasing. Well, you might think, “Wait a minute.” My Fitbit isn’t charging; do I need to buy another one?

Don’t worry, my friends; before you change or even go to your service center, you should check the three processes to solve your charging issues.

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Solution – 1

Possible, go ahead and just try to change your adapter and the cable just to see whether this charger and adapter are working completely fine.

Sometimes, if the adapter and the charger cable aren’t faulty, this problem can happen immediately.


Solution – 2

If the dirt and particles stack in the back here and on a charging port, this problem can happen. Go ahead and clear out the dirt with the cloth.

At the same time, if you are not placing your charger in the right direction, this problem can happen. So all you can do is place your charger in the right way to charge your Fitbit inspire watch. If the previous two processes didn’t work to solve the problem, then you can check out.

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Solution – 3

Suppose it has bad or hardware-related issues. You need to charge your watch overnight. If you still have a problem with your Fitbit, all you can do is go ahead and take your Fitbit watch to the service center, or you can connect to the Fitbit support to solve your problem.



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