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Why is it important to outsource in Kosovo?

Outsourcing has become a norm these days. Many companies outsource to Asian countries like China and India to cut their costs. However, these days there are efficient outsourcing options available elsewhere in the world. You can outsource to Kosovo to get efficient services such as SEO, IT-related services. Social media marketing, video, content creation, etc. There are multiple advantages of outsourcing to Kosovo rather than moving your operations all the way to the Asian continent.

Kosovo is fast emerging as a lucrative destination for IT services like BPO and software development. Additionally, Kosovo is also home to the East European headquarters of many IT companies. Thus, the business and Ecosystem are already well established in Kosovo. If you’re on the fence when it comes to outsourcing to Kosovo, it is essential to look at the advantages of the same before taking a call. Some businesses are already outsourcing in Kosovo, an example would be Tactica which has its main offices in New Jersey but also in Prishtina, Kosovo.

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We will today share with you some of the advantages which you can gain when you outsource to Kosovo.

1. Young employee demographic

According to the government of Kosovo, 53% of the total population is under 25. When you’re looking for skilled employees in Kosovo for the BPO/IT industry, you will find a young employee demographic. The advantage of hiring young employees is that you can train them efficiently thus making them more open to taking on challenging roles.

Most of the younger population is more active and willing to work harder. Thus, the talent pool which you have in Kosovo is not only younger but agile.

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2. No language barrier

Traditionally, companies have been outsourcing to South Asian countries. South Asian countries might have a large English-speaking population, but most of them have no accent. You will not face the same problem in Kosovo. Most of the younger workforce in Kosovo can speak English with an American accent quite easily. With such a large English-speaking population, the need for language training significantly reduces when it comes to BPO services.

When you outsource the BPO/IT services to Kosovo, you will have to provide only technical rather than language training. Thus, you can significantly reduce your training costs.

3. Geographic advantage

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Apart from a demographic advantage, Kosovo has a geographic advantage as well. It is located in the heart of Europe, meaning it is much closer than the South Asian countries. Thus, your company executives can reach Kosovo easily as compared to South Asian countries. The time and cost to reach Kosovo are less compared to the South Asian countries. Over a period, this can prove to be a strategic advantage.

4. Convenient time zone

Another advantage of the geographic location of Kosovo is the suitable time zone. The timezone is GMT +1:30 meaning it is just 90 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. The timezone makes it convenient for the North American continent and the rest of Europe to conduct business. Moreover, it is only a 3-hour flight away from London which makes it easily accessible.

  1. Economically viable

    Affordability is a strong factor to consider while choosing the outsourcing destination. Kosovo is financially feasible as compared to the rest of Europe. Its standard of living is lower as compared to other European countries and the cost of renting offices is more affordable. The affordability reflects in the cost of office rentals and the average wages. When you add to it, the easy accessibility and lower flight costs, you will find that Kosovo is an economically viable destination for outsourcing.

    6. Cultural similarities

    The work culture is often different across different geographies. At times, when you outsource to Asian countries the work culture of the client and the employee is not the same. You need to train the employees to inculcate proper work culture in them. When you outsource to Kosovo however, such a problem does not exist. The cultural background, as well as the work ethic, is similar to the North American and European continent. Thus, every communication between the client and employee will be as per the client’s expectations. Cultural similarity can reduce the task of training their employees.

    7. Skilled workforce

    The IT industry requires IT graduates. Over the years, the Kosovo government has focused on creating an educational system that can deliver that promise. With the fast-reforming educational sector, there is a big pool of IT graduates in Kosovo. The vast pool of IT graduates keeps wages on the lower side. Thus, companies can easily find a suitable workforce to handle their IT/BPO tasks.

    8. EU complaint legislation

    Outsourcing is facing a backlash in many developed and developing countries. When you plan to outsource the IT/BPO Department of your business, you have to take cognizance of the rules and regulations. You have to study the regulatory framework of not just your home country but also the country to which you’re outsourcing.

    Only when you set up a legally compliant remote business, will it be easy for you to handle the IT/BPO tasks for your business. Fortunately, Kosovo scores in this department as well. The regulatory framework in Kosovo is compliant with EU legislation. EU legislation is not only transparent when it comes to outsourcing but also rock solid. Thus, companies can outsource to Kosovo without any legal hurdle or backlash.

    9. Government initiatives

    Any industry/sector which gets patronage from the national government of that country is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. A similar thing is happening in Kosovo. The government of the country is supporting the ICT industry. The regulatory framework and legislation are crystal clear. Moreover, Kosovo is going the extra mile to attract companies like CapGemini to set up local offices there. The number of IT jobs available in Kosovo is continuously going up.

    With various government initiatives, companies are more confident about investing in Kosovo. As a business owner, this will certainly inspire confidence in your decision to outsource to Kosovo. With the government going the extra mile, you can be sure that the hurdles which you will face while establishing a backend business in Kosovo will be minimal.

    10. An increasing pool of graduates

    There are numerous institutes and colleges in Kosovo providing various courses related to the IT industry. These institutes are creating an ever-growing pool of graduates every year. Some of the institutes in Kosovo include:

    • RIT Kosovo

    • University for Business and Technology

    • University of Prishtina

    With the ever-growing talent pool of individuals, companies are finding it easier to staff their back offices in Kosovo. The additional advantage is that with a larger talent pool, the wages are on the lower side. Most companies can get the same cost advantage as the South Asian countries. With every passing year, the number of graduates looking for a job is increasing. Thus, companies can avoid inflationary pressure on wages. It is a win-win situation for Kosovo graduates as well as the companies that outsource to Kosovo.

    So, instead of looking at Southeast Asian countries to outsource your IT services, it is a good idea to look at Kosovo. Kosovo offers numerous advantages which even the South Asian countries do not provide. It is time to look closer and outsource to Kosovo rather than faraway lands in the Asian continent.

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