July 23


What To Look for When Starting Your Off-Roading Jeep Journey

Ask a Jeep owner what the ideal vehicle is for exploring off-road and back-country travel and you could probably guess their answer. Jeeps have long been highly regarded for their off-road capabilities. They are tough and durable and can cope with the shocks and stresses that come with rough environments.

Upgrading from Jeeps that ride on pavement to Jeeps that ride on rough, uneven terrain greatly enhances the off-road experience and the probability that you’ll drive your way out of the backcountry scenarios in which you find yourself.

Off-roading Rims & Tires

Off-road tires for Jeeps are bigger than stock tires. This increases ground clearance and provides more power and range than smaller tires. To install tires larger than 33 inches, you would need to install a lift kit, which raises the body and creates more separation between the body and the axles.

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When it comes to Jeep Wrangler tires and rims, some choices benefit the off-roader. Steel rims, for instance, are not only less expensive than aluminum rims, but they’re stronger and will hold up much better on the trail. Wranglers can upgrade to 37-inch tires, which provide for greater clearing as well as greater articulation options.

Off-road Suspension

The Jeep’s suspension system is the latticework of components that absorb shock and provide for a safer and more comfortable experience. It absorbs the energy of any bumps that you drive over. Because off-roading demands greater durability in the system’s parts, you’ll need to beef up your shocks and springs. Among the various pieces of suspension system equipment that you’ll want to consider are:

  • Steering stabilizers
  • Multi-shock bracket
  • Shock absorber extension
  • Shock absorber boot cable tie
  • Shock absorber reservoir mount clamps
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Off-road Drivetrain

The drivetrain system of a Jeep is the system that transfers power and torque from the motor to the wheels. When considering how to best prepare your Jeep driveline for off-roading, you’re talking about improving its individual stock components, which include: axles, driveshaft, wheels, joints and differentials. Updating this entire system at once can be pricey, but it’s a difference of adding both power and grace to the stickiest situations, like when you’re scrambling over boulders or starting from a dead stop in the mud.

Off-road Extras

There are many other components that you might add to your Jeep to create a safer and more enjoyable experience. Adding a tow hitch can be the difference between your buddies pulling you out of the mud or out of a ditch and you leaving your Jeep there for the night. Auxiliary and off-road lighting can illuminate dangerous situations before you are upon them and get the attention of others, if needs be.

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There’s a difference between owning a Jeep that drives on paved roads and one that is more comfortable in the off-road environment. Whether you’re looking at Jeep Wrangler lift kits or new drivetrain components, reinforcing your Jeep with the proper equipment is likely the difference between conquering the elements and getting towed home. Visit an online auto parts store to see the latest in Jeep parts and equipment.

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