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What To Do in Case of Dog Attacks? Why Does Your Dog Seem to Hate the Postie?

Dog incidents are reported everywhere in the world. It makes up to about 400 in one year. Some attacks are so dangerous that they permanently damage body organs. For dogs, mainly attacking means that they are afraid or just anxious.

When they see someone new, they tend to react in that way. Further, trained dogs learn how to behave so that they can share lives and environments. It is a dog’s instinct to protect itself. They will do anything if they feel threatened.

Some specific dog breeds are particularly aggressive and will bite. It is in their nature to do so. However, any dog can bite, so you should be careful on your own. Things you can do if you meet with aggressive dogs:

  1. It’s best to keep yourself safe. If you intervene in any way, the dog might bite you. You can call them from a safe distance. If you feel attacked, keep something handy to distract them.
  2. If you need medical care, call for an emergency. After a dog attack, you will need medical attention. This is to know to what extent the dog has bitten the person. All the dog attacks must be reported. The local authorities will collect all evidence and witness the witnesses.
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What Happens When a Dog Attacks You?

If the dogs look agitated and run toward you, be prepared for the worst. If you have played with dogs before, you will know their behavior. Additionally, move away from your space as calmly as possible.

When the dog is attacking you real fast, try to keep your calm. You should remain still and call for help if you see anyone nearby. Place something between you and the dog; it can be a jacket, bin, or anything. If you are put to the ground, curl up into a ball and stay tightly as possible. If the dogs are scared and don’t recognize the signs of people approaching, they will bite you as a warning.

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For training purposes for your dogs, use an electric dog fence. It has limited space, so the dogs come to know their boundaries. Further, dogs need assurance when they are learning, and you should provide them with that.

Why Does Your Dog Seem to Hate the Posties?

Dogs attack the postment the most. They seem to hate them, and they turn aggressive in that case. Aggression leads to accidents or even injuries to the posties. Some of the things you can do to prevent accidents:

  1. The Dogs are Pretty Territorial by Nature

The dogs are defensive, and they try to protect their homes. The natural way is barking to keep the trespassers away. Dogs bark with sarcastic tactics at times. Your dog might seem angry, but they will even have a sense of fear.

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Try teaching your dogs to be associated with sounds like the delivery vans or the door knocks. This way, they will be prepared for the postman.

  1. Think of the Training Part

Start training your pup when they are little. Teach them to greet the posties every day in the morning. This will form a cordial bond with the posties. Try to employ good behavior while training your dogs.


The best way is prevention, and you should teach your dog right from the start. Get started by teaching them about aggressive behavior and how you can keep it at bay. Then, consult with the professionals for a happy and healthy pet.

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