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What Makes NSE Unlisted Shares a Hot Deal Among Investors Nowadays?

The share volume traded on NSE stood at 1,462,980,540, which amounted to Rs. 258.38 billion on March 16 at 11:32 am Indian Standard Time. Every day, NSE facilitates a great value of the stock trade, making it India’s most significant and ranking in the world’s top 10 largest stock exchanges in terms of equity shares. However, the stock exchange that witnesses millions of equity shares bought and sold is owned by several financial institutions and individuals. Lately, investors have been interested in NSE share price, which is unsurprising given its huge market capitalisation. Investing in NSE unlisted shares is an excellent opportunity for another reason – the Indian stock exchange market is growing at an incredible speed.

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National Stock Exchange Of India (NSE)

NSE is a sophisticated, fully integrated electronic trading platform for stock exchanges in India. It was incorporated in 1992 and commenced trading in 1994. The advent of the NSE revolutionised the way India performed stock trading. NSE was the first to bring critical technologies such as internet trading and electronic trading to the South Asian nation. Over time, NSE rolled out initiatives like NSE Nifty, NSE Clearing, NSE Indices, NSEIT, etc., to bring out technological innovation to the sector. The institution strives to stay transparent, reliable and high performing.

An Overview Of NSE Share Price, Revenue, And Growth Trajectory

In the past, NSE announced a five times growth in its revenue for the December quarter of 2021 compared to the December quarter of 2020. It has continued to follow its trajectory of growth in 2022 and 2023. Its revenue for the third quarter of FY2023 turned out to be Rs 28.34 billion, 34% more than Rs 21.15 billion in the last year. However, the company’s expenditure grew by 40% as well for the December quarter.

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The table depicts NSE performance in the three quarters (9 months) of the financial year 2023.


RevenueRs. 83.20 billionRs 55.21 billion
ExpenditureRs 21.27 billionRs 15.09 billion
Op. MarginRs 57.60 billion37.53 billion
EBITDARs 64.19 billionRs 42.06 billion
Net WorthRs 148.6 billionRs 100.42 billion
Book Value Per ShareRs 300Rs 203


It is clear that the national stock exchange is headed towards growth and more budding companies and IPOs, and numerous retail investors joining stock trading add to it. The individual investors are reflecting this with prominent curiosity for the NSE share price. However, NSE shares are yet to become public, but the company has a significant presence in the grey market. Currently, NSE unlisted shares are one of the trending unlisted shares in the country and can be bought at Rs. 3300 per share.

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Reasons For The Popularity Of NSE Unlisted Shares

NSE has depicted growth and expansion over the last decade. Its revenue doubled and multi-folded in many instances, and NSE unlisted shares hold a steady value in the off-market. Given the company’s comprehensive business model and its pioneering in technology and innovation,  NSE is only likely to stay ahead of other financial bodies in its sector. It has a market capitalisation of around Rs 270 trillion and is preparing for a large initial public offering. These reasons have strengthened investors’ interest in its stocks.


Moreover, its revenue sources are diversified with services like trading, technology, licensing, listing, colocation charges, and income on investments. It has an extensive portfolio of products in the cash market, debt market, derivatives, and trading data. These make NSE attractive to businessmen, investors, and the commoner alike.



On December 30, 2016, The company filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of India for organising an initial public offering. However, it is still awaiting the green light from the regulatory body. The SEBI doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to give its approval, and NSE stocks might continue to be sold in the unlisted market for the time being.

Should You Invest In Unlisted Shares?

If you are a retail investor or interested in buying stocks, you have perhaps embraced the risk that comes with it. Unlisted shares, like penny stocks, come with the risk of lack of liquidity. However, if you plan to make long-term profits, the unlisted shares have the brightest silver lining. As startups expand faster than established companies, investing early in a startup offers higher returns.

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Consider investing in a stock with a large market capitalisation as it will offer higher liquidity in emergencies. Moreover, it is always advisable to diversify your portfolio to include companies from different industries. To ensure that you invest in the right stocks, explore the top-performing unlisted shares in Stockify and go through their key indicators. Stockify offers a wide range of unlisted shares, with detailed analysis of their revenue and share price performance, and a team of expert professionals. Register with Stockify, and start trading today.




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