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What makes a good sports betting app?

Ever since sports betting made the move to online, its popularity has risen significantly. In the four years since the federal law against wagering on sports was struck down by the supreme court, an incredible $125 billion has been wagered on sports. With over two thirds of states legalizing sports betting, the industry is now extremely competitive with the number of apps available for bettors growing every year. With so many apps it can sometimes be hard to keep track of which one is the best to use and what makes one better than the next. With this level of competitiveness though every app will strive to make it clear why you should stick with them for your wagers. If you are wondering what exactly makes a good sports betting app then fear not. Here is a guide on how to find it.

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Offer Great Odds

No matter who you bet with, you will always want to find the best odds whether it’s NBA lines or novelty bets, you as a patron want to know you are getting the most bang for your buck. Every sports betting app will offer similar odds on the same markets, but you could find that one will offer better than the rest. The lines may also differ. For example, the over/under with one Sportsbook could be 39.5 whilst another may offer 41.5. DraftKings offer some of the most competitive odds in online betting with a quick and easy sign-up process. With their app you can create your account in seconds and immediately wager on your favourite sports at the click of a button.

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Expansive Markets

Every sports fan knows the ins and outs of the most popular markets. Plenty of us bet on the moneyline, spread and total no matter what sport we are betting on and they are some of the most straightforward bets to make. However, a lot of us will also want a wider range of markets to bet on such as player props and game props and even in-play bets. The best sports betting apps will offer all of these and more. They will also explain how to use them their ‘Help’ page if you are newer to sports betting and want to better understand what you are wagering on. In addition to expansive markets, you may also want an expansive choice of sports to wager on. With DraftKings you can bet on hundreds of different leagues across 13 different sports with plenty to choose from no matter what sport you most enjoy.

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Easy To Use

One of the most important aspects of online betting is the usability of an app. It must be clear and easy to navigate along with being fast in response. No one wants a clunky, slow app, especially if you are betting in play or are trying to wager just before tip-off. This is why sports betting apps have a tech team that work round the clock to make sure your experience whilst betting is as smooth as possible. They will make sure their servers are running well and there are no bugs in the app that make it more difficult for you to wager. First impressions are very important. Studies show that the general user experience is critical for players in the sports betting market and if it is hard to navigate upon first look, they are unlikely to ever return to it. It is imperative that these apps are user friendly not just for returning customers but also for newbies who they hope to retain.

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Deposit Methods

It is also very important that bettors can deposit quickly and easily whilst also feeling safe in doing so. This is why most good sports betting apps offer multiple ways to deposit and also tell you exactly how they are keeping your privacy when you do. The most widely used methods of depositing are online banking and credit/debit cards but we are seeing more and more allow deposits using e-wallets containing cryptocurrency.


With such a competitive market on odds, plenty of sportsbooks will add further incentives for their customers to use their app. This is where they will offer bonuses and promos. There are plenty of examples of these and DraftKings have an extensive list of offers for both new and existing customers. Let’s take a look at some of their best.

  • Referral bonus: For existing customers, if you have a friend sign up to DraftKings and deposit a minimum of $25 using your unique link, you will receive a free bet worth up to $100. The best part of this promo is you can use it up to five times.
  • Sign up offers: Many apps will offer you a bonus upon signing up. This could be a matched deposit bonus or bonus credits.
  • Loyalty rewards: If you are a valued customer of a particular app, they are more likely to drop free bets into your account for your valued custom.
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