June 21


What is the full form of CAB, What does CAB stand for?

What is the full form of CAB?

The CAB full form is Citizenship Amendment Bill. But later it is modified in CAA, which means Citizenship Amendment Act, 1955.

What is depicted in this bill?

What are actually depicted in CAB full form, is going to be illustrated in the following.

  • The person from religions like- Hindu, Christian, Parsis, Jains, Sikh, Buddhist who stepped into India by 31st December, 2014 or before this year. And if the person has been spared by Central Government under the criterion of clause (c), section (2) of Passport Act, 1920 in Section 3. They are not be counted as illegal expatriates of India.
  • The authority of the Central Government has defined that to protect all the religion and legislation condition, and for the restrictions they will arrange registrations for the person under Section 1.
  • But the persons from Hindus, Christian, Jains, Buddhist, Parsis who disappeared in India from the Muslim regulated countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh with the uncertainty of religion discrepancy. And if they have no proper documents included passport and other travel related documents. They will be vindicated under the Rule 4.
  • In this section, there is totally prohibited to apply to the tribal regions like Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya etc., as included in the Constitution.
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Why the Citizenship Amendment Act become controversial?

According to the Citizenship Amendment Act, the communities related to Christian, Hindus, Jains, Parsis, Sikhs, Buddhist are called minor communities. They have got mistreatment from the Muslim legislated countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In that case, Muslims are not the minor community. In this law, first religion has impacted entirely. So in that case, the Muslim became furious and protested against this Amendment Act. They also illustrated that they had to also escape from the districts like Mayanmar, Sri Lanka for the Buddhist community. For this, Muslims are also the minor community. But why they have not included Muslims in this Amendment Act! That is the reason behind the controversy.

Who does the law break out?

As the Citizenship Amendment Bill was submitted by the BJP party. So the opponent parties went against the law. According to them, it was a planned method to go against the Muslim. As they asserted that the Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the Muslim majority areas. However, the Muslims have owned 15% of the total population.

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Who could endure for this?

As per the bill, there are lot of Muslims in the tribal regions of Assam, Tripura who are residing freely without any valid documents. So mainly they could suffer for this Act.

What is the next step?

A large flame of fire had started to spread all over India. Muslims we’re started to protest on the roads of many proper areas. They broke many buses, cars and harmed many passers-by. Over 2000 people were seized by Police. More than 5000 were jailed from the spot. At last, the Muslim community with strong lawyers, academics and man power threw a case against this bill.

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