June 21


What does Twitch do to us? 

Twitch is a social network. Twitch is a popular online service that allows you to watch and stream DVD video broadcasts. Twitch is also a great way to stream video games. Twitch is also used to stream art programs, talk shows, and TV series.


About 2.2 million people watch twitch every month and about 292 billion people watch content from it every minute. It came into the net world on June 6, 2011. Amazon bought it in 2014. And so it is now a streaming network operated by Amazon.


If someone decides to log in to Twitch, but does not have an account, they will be allowed to follow live broadcasts and watch videos but will not be able to communicate with other users.But if someone has a Facebook account, he can easily log in to twitch with it. To access Twitch on mobile, first you need to download the application on the smartphone. The easiest way is to log in using a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

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Twitch lets gamers live stream the gameplay and watch it. This allows gamers to chat with each other, form groups and connect with other gaming enthusiasts.To make the gameplay livestream on Twitch, you need to install the Twitch app on a gaming console, computer or mobile device. A username can then be chosen by creating an account on Twitch.


It’s easy to make money using Twitch. There are several ways to earn money from Twitch. The best way to start stream monetization is through Twitch’s own partnership program. This program is invite only, and allows partnership channels to collect subscription revenue and advertising revenue. To subscribe, the channel needs at least 500 viewers and at least 12 hours of streaming per week.Goods can be sold through streams, donations can be received from viewers, or advertisements can be run on streams. All of these methods require popularity and a large audience, so it may take some time to earn.

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If one wants to build a career outside of streaming, one needs a subscription to use the Twitch Partner program.  The program allows streamers to earn money from broadcasts through monthly subscriptions, bits (a twitching version of tipping) and game sales.In a world where everything is free, paying for a subscription can be difficult.Those who do not follow Twitch can also watch some streaming from outside. There are also some ways to increase Cheap twitch followers. Such as :

  1. To increase Twitch followers, you need to create a channel so that anyone can find it easily.
  2.  The channel needs to have a consistent style.
  3. Twitch needs to add a chat feature to see if it’s going to be fun, educational or entertaining.
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Stay connected to people chatting on streams.


This is how Twitch’s followers can be easily increased.


Finally it can be said that Twitch Streaming is slowly gaining popularity. It started out as a gaming platform but is now rapidly evolving to include other types of content.It is spreading its glory day by day.

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