August 10


What Does the New Bengaluru Route Mean for Travel?

In the past, Australians had a hard time travelling to India. The fastest plane took at least 15 hours to touch down in Delhi. In addition, most international airlines didn’t offer direct flights – instead, travellers had to connect through cities, resulting in more intense jet lags. However, this is no longer the case.


Last year, Qantas, Australia’s leading airline, introduced direct flights from Melbourne to Delhi. The service gained massive popularity within months of its introduction. Now, the company, called the ‘Flying Kangaroo,’ is introducing a new direct route from Sydney to Bengaluru. The service will launch on the 15th of September, growing Qantas’ reputation as the only Aussie airline with direct flights to the Indian subcontinent.

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More people have travelled to India from Australia this year than to any other destination. It’s the first time India tops the preferred overseas destination for Aussie departures, a list previously dominated by the UK and the USA.


Meanwhile, research predicts that bilateral trade between Australia and India will increase by 400% by 2030, thanks to the free trade agreement between the two countries. This explains Qantas’ introduction of direct flights to the world’s second most populous country.


Additionally, many Australian residents have connections in Bengaluru, which has a population of 13 million. Qantas aims to tap into the city’s long-term growth market that will direct travel demand. Experts predict that Bengaluru is on course to become a global business and innovation hub, surpassing other cities in the Asia Pacific region. Many people will likely welcome the introduction of direct flights to Bangalore. Here’s everything about Qantas’ Bengaluru route.

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What You Need to Know about Bengaluru Direct Flights


Here is detailed information about the proposed Sydney to Bengaluru route.




The service will be available on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Each flight will return to Sydney on the following day.


Flight Duration


Each flight from Sydney to Bengaluru is expected to be 12 hours, barring inconveniences. This is at least three hours faster than the competition, meaning you arrive in time and experience less jet lag.




The service will use Qantas’ huge Airbus A330, which can carry 300 passengers. The cheapest tickets will get you a seat in the economy class. If you have the cash to spare, you can book a place in the high-demand Business Suite. You can experience extra-large ergonomic seats that can recline to assume a flat, bed-like shape.

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Return tickets for the Economy Class start at $1,000 onwards. As expected, Business Suites cost much more. Regular customers can redeem Flight Reward seats from 37,600 points in economy and 94,900 points in business class.


Partner Airlines


Qantas has a partnership with IndiGo, the largest domestic carrier in India, to use Bengaluru as the gateway to other cities in the country. If you’re travelling to other Indian destinations using Qantas, you can use Bengaluru, Delhi, or Singapore airports as a one-stop access point to more than 50 cities.


If you plan to visit popular destinations like Calcutta, Jaipur, Mumbai, and other attractions, book a Qantas flight from Sydney or Melbourne. You’ll connect with an IndiGo flight once you touch down in Delhi or Bengaluru.

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Frequent travellers can earn and redeem points by using the connecting flights. The points have privileges similar to Qantas,’ such as additional baggage allowances and priority check-in.


Additional Travel Information


Although international flights are available after an almost two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19, travellers must comply with some regulations. To avoid issues with authorities at departure and entry points, it’s wise to get a full dose of coronavirus vaccination, plus the booster. Since some authorities don’t accept digital copies, you must also have physical proof of vaccination (a certificate).


Additionally, book your trips early. Waiting until the last minute often results in paying higher fares and getting less desirable seats. It’s best to contact an experienced travel agency to handle your tickets and itinerary.

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Wrapping Up


Qantas is Australia’s leading international airline due to its commitment to introducing new routes to high-demand destinations. The upcoming launch of the Sydney to Bengaluru route will cement the company’s position at the top of the country’s air transport sector. Furthermore, it opens the rest of India to Aussie tourists.




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