Marriage is a sacred union for two people. The promise to love each other for better or worse begins with the wedding destination. But a holiday destination that turns into your wedding point is a dream come true for every bride-to-be. 

Weddings in Seychelles are the new dream destination for couples these days. The island itself is not only limited to the beautiful crystal white beaches only. It creates magic in the air for the love birds. And to get married in a romantic place? Let’s say that Seychelles exceeds everyone’s expectations. 

If you feel Seychelles is the wedding destination for you to say your vow, this blog will be your guideline to plan it in the best way possible. 

Important Wedding Guidelines to Know to Get Married in Seychelles

Most people are confused about how to get married process in Seychelles started. Depending on what you plan to do regarding your wedding it can cost you somewhere between 16,000 – 120,000 Seychelles Rupees. 

The tropical land of beauty has also listed important wedding guidelines like important documents that you need. 

Covid Documents 

  • Keeping the COVID-19 condition in mind, as of 25 March 2021, you will need a ; 
  • Negative COVID-19 PCR test report. It should be made within 72 hours before the departure. 
  • Get your trip to Seychelles registered too at the official website. 
  • Plus, every couple will need to have travel insurance amid COVID-19. 

Wedding Documents 

  • To get married in Seychelles, the couple must send the following emails beforehand. 
  • Passport copies – with the photo page. 
  • Birth certificate copies. 
  • A divorce decree (if any). 
  • Death certificate of the spouse (previously, if any). 
  • Legal proof if your name is changed. 

In case the required documents are in a language other than French, the couple will need a certified translation of the documents. So, once the papers get confirmed, the paperwork with the local Registrar can get started. 

Also do not forget to bring your document copies when finally traveling to Seychelles. 

Legal Requirements 

  • The marriage ceremony will take place either in English or French (official language) in accordance with Seychelles Law. 
  • Both parties should be 18 or above to get married. 
  • After the marriage ceremony, the couple and witnesses need to sign the wedding certificate too. 
  • If you get married on weekends or public holidays, couples need to pay a surcharge amount which is done only on a request basis.  However, it is recommended to hold beach weddings during the weekdays, due to less crowd. 

Do Not Forget about the Climate! 

To enjoy the uninterrupted blues of the sky, it’s best to get your wedding planned between April to October – This is the dry season on the island. Seychelles is a tropical destination, otherwise, you can expect high levels of humidity too if you visit during the wet season. 

Wedding Etiquettes 

You will find a diverse population in Seychelles. Mostly it’s French and British, the rest are Indian, Chinese, and African. The lifestyle and tourism on the famous islands are soothing and comforting for couples. When staying in your hotel, you do not need to charge any tip as a 5 -10% service charge is added to the wedding expense. 

Besides, some of the most popular wedding dishes include Coconut fish curry, Pulao (rice dish), shredded green papaya salad, breadfruit, etc. 

You can pay for your wedding via all major cards like VISA, MasterCard, or American Express so you do not need to worry about currency conversion either. 

To have a wonderful wedding experience at the Seychelles islands, make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid any troubles.

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