May 21


Using Custom Packaging to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

No matter what kind of product you’re selling, you’ll be facing competition. This is especially true if you have plans to enter a crowded market such as vitamin supplements or food products. The presence of other options doesn’t have to be a threat, though. In fact, competition gives you a chance to differentiate yourself and establish your brand. One of the best ways to accomplish this and define your brand is to invest in custom supplement packaging. If your product looks different, customers will see that it is different. Catching the attention of shoppers is simple when you have packaging that’s engaging, effective, and straightforward. The right design can send a clear message that your product is the right choice.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Vitamins aren’t the only kind of product that can benefit from custom packaging. You can also invest in custom stand up pouches for a wide range of other products, too. These pouches are designed to increase visibility and give products a polished appearance. This is accomplished with professional printing that transfers photo-quality graphics onto your package, which gives it a premium feel. Customers will be drawn to this and assume that the product inside the package is of premium quality, too. Additional features such as hang holes, tear notches, and puncture resistance ensure that the packaging provides an optimal experience for both you and your buyers.

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The right packaging should ultimately serve to improve your customers’ experience. Consumers want to buy products that look good, and this starts with their presentation on the shelf. Without an appealing package, prospective buyers are likely to pass your product by. When your product is presented in functional and attractive packaging, though, buyers are likely to be drawn to the experience it promises to provide — one that’s simple yet satisfying. This is the image that you want to convey in order to set your brand apart from others.

Increase Brand Recognition

Setting your brand apart is a good start, but it isn’t enough in and of itself. You need to do much more in order to retain the customers you attract and build a long-term following. The key to accomplishing this is brand recognition. Brand recognition happens when a customer is able to remember specific details about your marketing or product, and it indicates that you have successfully made an impression on that customer. Consumers tend to buy what’s familiar, so when you establish your brand as the “familiar” selection, you unlock customer loyalty.

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Increasing brand recognition may be a gradual process, but the first step is creating packaging that your customers can immediately see on shelves. When you place familiar brand imaging on custom printed Mylar bags, for example, you’re establishing a clear identity that buyers will eventually come to recognize. This is a key component of building long-term viability for your brand and connecting with consumers in a sustainable way. You can leverage your packaging to achieve better relationships with your buyers through the power of brand recognition.

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