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Tips to Prevent Injuries on Scaffolding

Working on high-rise buildings and construction sites is difficult for construction workers. That’s why a scaffold is an essential structure for working on higher levels, as it works as a platform. However, many accidents may occur on these structures.

It can happen if the structure is not installed correctly. Sometimes, workers might fall or get hit by objects while working on the scaffolding. So, taking proper preventive measures is an absolute must.

Have a look at the best ways to stay safe while working on these tall structures.

Perform a Scaffolding Inspection

The primary step in avoiding injuries or accidents is to inspect the scaffolding before getting up on it. If you’re about to work on the structure, it is better to inspect before and after each shift. It will help determine faults in the structure, like improper levelling with the building.

  • If you see any defective or worn-out parts within the scaffolding, remove them immediately.
  • Check whether the structure is properly tied to the building.
  • Avoid working on structures with too much debris.
  • Steps added to the structure should have guardrails and non-slip treads.
  • A supervisor must be present when the structure is installed, moved, and dismantled.
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Keep the Surroundings in Mind

Before you start working, you have to assess the environment and surrounding conditions. The weather is a crucial factor that causes many workplace accidents. So, if you feel that the weather is going to be a little windy or it might rain, avoid getting on the scaffolding.

  • You must work at a minimum distance of 10 feet away from power lines to electrical accidents.
  • Make sure that the power lines located near the structure are disconnected when you work.
  • All levels of the scaffolding mast offer you convenient and safe access.
  • Ensure that the surrounding objects and structures are appropriately organised to avoid accidents like falling objects.
  • You must be aware of the maximum load capacity of the scaffolding to prevent an accidental collapse.
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Training Is Necessary

Providing safety training to workers is perhaps the best way to avoid accidents. If you’re working at a construction site, you must diligently attend the safety training program to learn best practices. The training program must teach you the following –

  • Potential accidents and hazards while working on scaffoldings
  • Safety measures to prevent accidents
  • Ways to properly use the safety equipment such as helmets and harnesses
  • Strategies to tackle an emergency or accident
  • Tips for identifying defects in any scaffolding
  • Installing and dismantling these structures safely

If you ever face any difficulty during these training programs, reach out to the instructor or your supervisor.

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Maintain a Clean Workspace 

The significance of this aspect cannot be stressed enough. A neat and clean workspace will enable you to work conveniently and safely. So, it’s important to tidy up after a work session, especially the scaffolding.

  • When you’re done for the day, keep the tools and materials properly in place.
  • Try to keep the work area free from dirt and debris.
  • Ensure that the scaffold is completely dry and non-slippery before you start working on it.

While following these steps, it will be great to encourage others to follow them.

Wrap Up

To stay safe and avoid accidents while working, it’s better to take your time and not rush. Whether it’s a scaffold or a construction site walkway, try not to hurry and mind your surroundings.

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Taking precautions and keeping the site clean will also help you work effectively and safely.


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