September 26


Things You Should Know About Solar Power Incentives In Hervey Bay

Are you thinking of going solar in Hervey Bay? Are you interested in knowing more about solar panel rebates in Queensland? The cost of solar panel installation has come down substantially but you must be wondering how much rebate you may get. It depends on several factors and there are two kinds of rebates or discounts.


One of the rebates is known as the small-scale technology certificate. Think of these certificates as a discount coupons. You can sell these small-scale technology certificates or STCs in the open market and the amount of money you get for these certificates is set off against the cost of solar panels. The quote you will get from a solar installer is after deducting the amount of rebate you will get through these certificates.

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As far as the number of technology certificates is concerned, it depends on the size of the system, zone rating as well as the deeming period. The deeming period is the number of years up to 2030. In short, the rebates offered by the government will be phased out by 2030 and the delay will cost you money.


The number of small-scale technology certificates is calculated on the basis of the size of the system multiplied by the deeming period and the zone rating multiplier. The zone rating multiplier for Queensland is the highest. The northern part of Queensland falls in zone 1 which means you will get the highest number of certificates whereas the inland part of the region is placed in zone 2 and the southeast part lies in zone 3.

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The zoning is decided on the basis of the amount of sunlight a region gets. Therefore, the number of certificates depends on the number of years remaining till 2030 and the size of the system.


If you choose a 6 kW system, you are likely to get 74 certificates and the price of a certificate varies from $36.50 to around $40. For A 6kW system, you may expect to get a rebate of more than $2900. The amount of rebate will be deducted from the estimate you will get from your solar installer.


The other incentive for going solar is the feed-in tariff. It is the rate at which you export excess solar electricity back to the power grid. The rates keep changing and depend on your location as well as your electricity retailer. As far as the actual rate is concerned, it can vary from $0.06 to around $0.18 per unit of exported electricity.

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While these incentives are available for residential solar installation, business owners can take advantage of certain other incentives in addition to these. Also, there are some state-based incentives in various parts of the country that offer free installation, free battery installation, interest-free loans or low-interest loans, depending on eligibility.


Overall, there are a lot of incentives available for going solar which have brought down the cost substantially. If you still have not gone solar, you should do it at the earliest as the incentives will keep getting lower each year till these are phased out completely in 2030.


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