While buying a car is an important investment and a long-term commitment, it is also an interesting experience. You need to keep in mind many important points like the engine used, the mileage offered, and similar other qualitative analytics of the car to be chosen. However, if you are a first-time buyer or looking for models on a budget, you may keep an eye on the used cars for sale. These second-hand cars are well-seasoned and will help you learn as a new driver without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Then you can form an opinion on your own on what kind of a car or which model you will be comfortable with if you buy a new one in the future. The used cars for sale will help you get acquainted with the workings and attributes and can be a great first-time experience.

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In places like the Philippines, the use of second-hand cars is very much in practice. People often search for old cars in the best conditions yet at lower prices, and those are a bit trickier to find. Hence, here are these six tips you can keep in mind when you are hunting for used cars for sale in the Philippines:

  1. Research thoroughly: Before making a choice, always look for viable cars available in the market. The more you search, the more opportunities will be to save money and get the best quality cars within a budget. Therefore, you can look for second-hand cars online, through brokers, or even nearest relations, who can be trusted sources for such information. Although too many options may seem overwhelming, they will help you make the best decision.
  1. Compare Prices: Always look for other valid options before booking yours. The prices and the conditions are to be thoroughly compared to understand your profit margins. The dealers might be interested in negotiating. So, survey the field in detail to acquire the most knowledge about the price ranges of the second-hand cars in the market.
  1. Check the Mileage: While researching the probable options of cars that you might buy, check the models’ mileage. Second-hand cars may not always deliver the ascertained performance like when they were new. But most certainly look for the best nearest range possible within the money you are offering. It is the most important feature of a car and hence needs to be checked before buying. Another thing to remember is that the higher the mileage, the older the car is. Newer models do not offer a high mileage that may seem odd. You have to replace more parts if you buy an older car. 
  1. Set Your Price: Negotiate on your terms by setting a reasonable price for the used car. Although honest deals are expected most of the time, you might be tricked into paying more if you are not much acquainted with the price ranges. So, take an expert with you when you are about to buy a car. Apart from the official purchase price, set aside a value for the repair and replacement costs, approximately 20% of the used car’s price.
  2. Check The Car’s History: Always dig deeper into the history of the car. Check whether it has met with an accident ever or has broken down amid long journeys. Look for the car’s Certificate of Registration (CR), Original Receipt (OR) issued by the land transportation office (LTO). Also, ask for the anti-carnapping clearance issued by the PNP Highway Patrol group. Lastly, verify whether the car has a good or a bad report at the LTO.
  1. Always Do a Test Drive: This is a vital step before finalizing your purchase. Never take a test drive for granted, and always check every accessory and feature before booking the car.
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