October 25


The Lazy Guide To Designing Your Own Sprinkler System

Designing and customising your sprinkler system can take more time than usual. In most cases, the technicalities associated with the entire planning process can give you a glimpse of the fundamental steps and dynamics. However, it can be an interesting DIY project for you to enjoy.

Unlike other types of irrigation, a sprinkler system might give you the most practical and convenient way of maintaining your landscape. If you are interested in designing your sprinkler system, read the following points and learn more about it.

Measuring your sprinkler system

The first thing you have to do is to take a good look at the measurements. For starters, you’ll need to measure the landscape and evaluate an approximation of your property’s length and width. You can also make a visualisation of your property by drawing it down on graphing paper. Some people would allocate specific measurements to consider the hardscaping and landscapes.

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For example, you can draw your landscape on a scale and assign 2 inches for 20 feet of free space. This way, you can see your irrigation system and assign where exactly you would like it on your property.

Layout piping

To make an efficient sprinkler system design, you’ll need to cluster sprinkler heads into larger areas and make sure that the circuits are controlled by one valve. Subsequently, you’ll need to re-arrange the fittings, pipes, and valves so that they work as effectively as planned.

To save time and space, you need to draw up a scale of your sprinkler system and designate locations and areas where you will put the various parts of the system like those pipes, valves, and manifolds. If you are having trouble, you can always consult professional assistance to help you.

Sprinkler’s layout

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Another important consideration when planning your sprinkler system is to design the layout of the sprinkler. You should allocate specific areas in your scale to put in the sprinkler heads and spraying circle so that you can also take the time to review whether some important locations are extensively watered and reached by the sprinkler.

Most importantly, always make sure that the entirety of your lawn and landscape is covered and is efficiently watered before finally completing the design.

Picking an ideal water supply

Picking an ideal water supply should come in conjunction with your property’s water pressure report. Before you head on and choose a water supply, always make sure that you check your water pressure since these could vary at different locations in your house.

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Choosing a sprinkler head

Choosing a sprinkler head is important since it can determine the efficiency of covering your landscape watering needs. It is highly recommended that you only stick to one sprinkler brand since not all sprinkler systems have the same configuration and design

For your convenience, you can always choose different sprinkler heads. They are as follows:

  • Bubblers: Bubblers are specifically created to help address the issues of lawn end strips. They are good solutions to those homeowners who are having a hard time spraying water up to 5 or 15 feet.
  • Fixed sprays: Fixed sprays are an ideal sprinkler head option that evenly distributes water to a specific area in your lawn or landscape. If you are having a hard time spraying a particular area, you might want to include this in your sprinkler system.
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