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The late Tito Vilanova

There are some individuals who need a very short amount of time in order to leave a lasting legacy in an institution. Football is no exception, as there are many legendary coaches and players. The website features the best in-play wagers from many football matches across the world.


That is exactly the case with Tito Vilanova. He was a player between 1987 and 2001, also performing as a coach between 2002 and 2013. He began his career in La Masía, which is Barcelona’s academy. However, he never played in the senior squad. Instead, in 1990 he moved through various teams in Spain until 2001. The 1xBet online betting platform features all matches of Barcelona.

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Beginning a coaching career

Vilanova’s last team as a player was Gramenet, which was a team from the fourth division of Spanish football at the time. After his retirement he was hired by Barcelona’s youth teams, which he did with a lot of success. Punters can watch kabaddi match live with the 1xBet website, and also follow broadcasts of matches played by Barcelona.


After a brief initial spell with the youth teams of Barcelona, he moved to other teams like:


  • Palafrugell;
  • Figueres;
  • and Terrassa;


Yet, he returned to Barcelona in 2007 to become Pep Guardiola’s assistant in Barcelona B. In addition to watching live kabaddi matches on 1xBet, punters can also visit this site to watch Barcelona’s contests.

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Late years

When Guardiola was appointed coach of the senior Barcelona team in 2008, Vilanova followed him as an assistant. Between that year and 2012, the team had incredible success and Tito Vilanova was also crucial during all that period. Fans can review the live score IPL 2022 – 1xBet also has lots of scores from Spanish football.


Vilanova was seen as Guardiola’s natural successor, due to the similar ways in which they saw football. The 2012-13 season of Barcelona under Tito Vilanova was brilliant. Unfortunately, the coach received some devastating news. He had been diagnosed with parotid gland cancer.

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He continued to be Barcelona’s coach during the remainder of the season. The 1xBet website allows its members to follow the IPL live scores of 2022, as well as Barcelona’s.

However, his assistant Jordi Roura needed to fill in on a few occasions while Vilanova was in medical treatment. Nearing the end of the season the coach announced that he would resign as Barcelona’s coach due to the cancer he was suffering.


Tito Vilanova died on the 25th of April 2014. He was praised and thanked by many people who were coached and worked with him. In fact, Lio Messi himself stated that Vilanova was the only person who believed in him while he was suffering some struggles in the Barcelona academy.

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