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The Advantages of Bloggers That Not Many Know

A blog is a platform containing journals that provide a lot of information on the internet. Examples are Blogspot, Medium, WordPress, Joomla, and others. When you type keywords in a search engine, you will find journals from a blog. Becoming a blogger can start from a hobby. But nowadays blogging has become a field of work that is widely cultivated, you know. Did you know that there are many advantages to being a blogger? In this article, will discuss the advantages of bloggers that are not widely known. But before discussing that, we first know about bloggers and blogs.


Blogger is the person who owns the blog and manages the content on the blog. There are several types of blogs, depending on the owner’s respective goals in creating the blog. Blogs can be used as a means of promoting a business or as a medium to share stories about the author’s daily life and life experiences. In addition, blogs can also be a means to provide a public opinion. In this article, you will learn the reasons why blogging is important and what are the advantages of being a blogger.

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In this all-digital world, of course, many people will use Google search to dig up various information. Blogs will be very useful to help people get information more easily. Blogs can be a medium where writing your articles has a big impact on many people. It can also be used as a means of increasing the awareness of others about a product being sold. Bloggers in this era can also be someone’s profession. A blogger benefits from Google Ads tools. You can also work with other bloggers to brainstorm ideas or collaborate with them to make your blog content more varied and not boring.

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In this digital era, of course, bloggers are needed to be able to target keywords in search engines so that the audience can also find the blog easier. It takes good performance to be able to target keywords. Not only optimizing to get the highest ranking, but blogs must also be useful for others. Besides being useful to others, there are also many benefits of being a blogger. The points below show some of the advantages of bloggers. Among others are:


Working with More Flexible Hours

One of the advantages of bloggers is that they can work more flexible hours. Becoming a blogger can be your main or side source of income. When you focus more on being a blogger, of course, the blog will be much more developed than making blogger work as a side income, because you also spend more time. However, that does not mean that the job of a freelance blogger is easy. Of course, there are many challenges that you will face, especially if you are only working alone. Join the writer community to open your horizons about career paths in this profession.

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Opening Wider Insights

The second point, the advantage of bloggers is that bloggers have broader insights. Being a writer is not just about writing. You need a lot of research from trusted journals. Your insight will increase as you read more. You will know a lot of things that you never knew before. Reading is also good for brainstorming content ideas and increasing your vocabulary. So, be a good reader before you become a writer. Adding a lot of insight is one of the advantages of being a blog writer.


Training and Honing Writing Skills

Another advantage of bloggers is to train and hone writing skills. Practice makes perfect. The more you write often, the more it will train and hone your writing skills. Not everyone has good writing skills. Even someone who is known to be good at academics does not necessarily have good writing skills. Therefore, you can be more confident because you have good writing skills. This can be a plus for you.

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Cultivate Creativity

Being a blogger makes us more creative in creating written content. Indirectly, this can train creativity to create unique and interesting content to read. So that your writing is interesting to read, of course, you will look for creative strategies in writing it. The way to make your blog more creative is to create surveys in the form of polls, add illustrative images, develop unique writing styles, include infographics, and create interesting content.


Solving Problems Around the Environment

Another advantage of bloggers is that they are problem solvers. To become a blogger, you can look for your writing ideas from the problems that are around you. You can write in a search engine and enter a keyword from a question, “how to…” or “what do you mean by …” of the two keywords, and the search engine will display a lot of articles on blogs from these keywords. When someone finds your writing in a search engine, then you have helped solve their problem.

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Add Networking and Collaboration with Other Bloggers

The last point of the blogger advantage is that by becoming a blogger, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with bloggers and this can add to your networking in the future. By collaborating together, blog content will certainly be much more interesting, creative, and more visited. Collaborating together is also beneficial for building a wider audience.

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