July 26


Take to the Streets and Show Off Your Style With These Drifting Games


The World Wide Web is full of places you can go to play web games. The issue is, not all of those games are great, and some of the places you go to play them can be less than trustworthy.


Thankfully, there is a super-easy way to get around that, just go to Drifted.com. They have a ton of high-quality games that are carefully curated into categories for easy search and consumption.


Most of the games on Drifted.com have to do with cars and the most popular category, as you might guess from the name of the site, is the Drifting Games category. The games in this category vary widely in presentation and gameplay, but they all deal with traveling sideways at high speed in a very stylish manner.

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If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here are a few games from the category you should check out.


City Drifting

Life in the city is fast and furious, and these Drifting Games prove that point. First up we have City Rider 3D. Select from a few different cars and unleash your drifting prowess onto the unsuspecting streets of a massive city.


Weave in between buildings with the swift smoothness of a pro drifter. The best part of this game is that everything is unlocked from the moment you start, so you can try everything the game has to offer right away.

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That includes two extra maps which don’t feature a city but are still just as large and engaging. Next, we have City Car Driving Simulator, another awesome drifting game set in an open-world city.


Score points by completing a variety of activities and make use of the city’s ramps and terrain to pull off crazy stunts.


Offroad Drifting

Sometimes the black city streets can get kind of boring. If you need a change of pace, then these offroading drifting games should do the trick. Offroader V6 is one of those games that will allow you to kick up dust and get down and dirty.

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You won’t be limited to just offroading vehicles as you can also select from a few street cars, but whatever you drive, you’re going to have a lot of fun on the game’s several maps. If you want to pull off stunts as much as you want to drift, then check out Stunt Simulator.


This game has a simpler art style, but it’ll still take you offroad and it even features a few maps for you to explore.


Police Drifting

If you’re feeling bad to the bone and want to drift circles around the police as they try to capture you, then there are a few games you can check out in the Drifting Games category. These games are called Police Chase and Police Drift Car Driving.

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Police Chase will have you evading and engaging the law with missiles in a top-down arcade game. Police Drift Car Driving takes a different approach and places you behind the wheel of a cop car and lets you loose in an open-world city to drift and complete activities.


If these games sound fun to you, Drifted.com has so many more games for you to check out, including their Motorcycle Games category.


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